Tone2 Pro - Firmware v1.30 (Line-Out Volume Adjustment & More!)

It does work on my phone, but not on my computer. It’s fine. I can live with that.

Loving the PREAMP Gain setting.
Connected the T2Pro directly into my Power amp via the Balanced cables running Audirvana Studio and the SONeq and the sound was stunning.


Are you still experiencing this issue?

Does this issue still persist?

Maybe we need to create a Tone2 Pro “Bug Tracker” :laughing:

yes, with Windows 10 Pro running I plug in the USB data cable from the Tone 2 into my laptop and the khadas Tone 2 driver does not appear in the Windows Sound window; but if I then unplug it from the laptop and then plug it back in, the driver then appears and works as the default sound device.
I can then switch on external power, if I want.
I have tried reinstalling the driver, asking Windows to rescan the USB and sound devices, changing the sleep settings for USB under power management and general fiddling around in Windows.
But it is not a great issue, just strange.

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Hi @Divasson and macOS users, the GUI DFU tool for macOS comes available here:

Have fun!

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I found the same issue even with the old FW. I think its not the T2pro device, moreover to your personal laptop/computer and the usb-c cable that you are using. Some usb ports are unable to provide the necessary juice to power on the device appropriately, that is why when you use external power - all is fine.

I have an old hp elite book 1030 gen1 - the t2pro is only working with one specific usb cable and only when connected to the always-on-usb port, the one port that is suitable for charging - 1A and 5V usb port.

On my other laptop - hp elite book 745 g5 - the tone2pro is working perfectly fine on every usb port.

I have also tried to connect the vim3l device with the t2pro but the vim was unable to recognize the tone only via the data cable. Maybe doing something wrong, but never dig into that anyway…

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I think my issue is a Windows/old Acer laptop thing.
I found that it only happens after the laptop has been on for a while and has dropped off to sleep; once it comes back on I need to insert the USB cable to wake up USB and again to load the driver.
Not much of a problem and a Windows feature perhaps.

You can stop and disable hibernate if you dont use it. This will also free some disk space from your system drive. From elevated cmd type powercfg.exe /h off . Also you can configure power options for the usb controller to never turn off the device to save power - you can do that from device manager.

But definitely its not a tone2pro device issue :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

would it be possible to implement in the firwmare the auto suspend in case of not use after 20-30 minutes and also the instant on in case that Roon uses the dac?

thank you very much

I wanted to check before doing anything stupid…

I have a Tone2 Pro version 1.20 from factory. In order to upgrade the firmware to version 1.30, do I follow the steps on the video (linux tutorial) starting from “Update the XMOS Firmware” onwards (link)? Therefore I don’t need any tool or even to follow the steps to update the MCU, correct?

@tsangyoujun, can you help?

Correct. Your MCU firmware is already v1.20, which is the latest version; it is also compatible with the v1.30 XMOS firmware.

Therefore you only need to:

  1. Plug in the USB-C cable to your computer
  2. Plug in USB-C cable into Tone2 Pro’s (USB) port
  3. Run the automatic “XMOS update script” as per this post.


  • XMOS Chip - Contains the main firmware for your Tone2 Pro
  • MCU Chip - Also contains firmware, not directly related to audio
  • DFU Tool - Device Firmware Upgrade Tool (refers to the XMOS)
  • ST-Link Tool - Hardware tool only for upgrading the MCU’s firmware

A few days ago i successfully upgraded my Tone2 to Firmware v1.30.Love that little DAC by the way :slight_smile:
Before the new firmware I mainly used the Low Gain Mode for my headphones (HD 660s + balanced cable). Some HiRes tracks on Tidal were recorded in a lower volume so I had to adjust to maximum volume in low gain mode or to switch to high gain mode.

Now to my understanding - with the new preamp mode is there a smooth transition between low and high gain to achieve higher volume ? If I switch to preamp mode and use my headphones I have enough reserves to increase the volume. I would prefer this mode as opposed to low gain or high gain and switch between these two.

Are there any reasons against it or is this mode not intended for headphones?

Thanks and many greetings from cologne, Germany!

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I found a, unexpected change from firmware 1.2 to 1.3 : I have some MQA files that I was able to read from Roon (no change) or even from Foobar, as it was sending it unprocessed to the Tone2 Pro, and the processing was then done by the Tone2 Pro (Green or Blue light on the device).
Now, since firmware 1.3, the Tone2 Pro recognize these files as standard PCM and does not process. The light stays Yellow.

EDIT : problem solved, see my next post :upside_down_face:

Which driver are you using for Roon? WASAPI or ASIO? From my personal experience, using the incorrect driver results in PCM output.

From my understanding, the pre-amp mode enables “digital volume control” which then allows the volume knob to control the volume level of the RCA outputs. You are getting a “smooth transition” because the volume is being adjusted digitally, rather than a hardware change through the amplifier gain. Audio-purists will prefer to turn-off digital volume control, and rely purely on hardware gain. :laughing:

Perhaps @Eric68 can check my understanding of this matter.

It was only with Foobar, but it’s all good now @tsangyoujun
The problem ? certainly on the same day I updated to firmware 1.3, I unintentionally set the volume cursor of Foobar at -0.46 :upside_down_face:

Now that it’s back to 0, everything works again (ASIO, WASAPI Event and WASAPI Push, only DirectSound doesn’t work and send MQA stream as PCM, which was already the case before)

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Audio-purists will prefer to turn-off digital volume control, and rely purely on hardware gain. :laughing:

I believe so! :slight_smile:
I will test high gain vs Digital Volume control but i think i will hardly hear any difference…

Another question:
Do i have to use the special Khadas balanced RCA cable to connect the RCA ports to my receiver ? Or can i just use normal RCA cables for that ? My receiver does not have balanced input.

Thank you very much!

In this case, just use your regular RCA cables to send single-ended RCA input into your receiver. :slight_smile:

This depends on the fidelity of your ear-brain hardware, those might need upgrading as well. :laughing:

Jokes aside, as long as you’re using an excellent DSD or PCM recording for playback, you will be thoroughly impressed. The file-quality also makes a big difference to your experience.

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This should work. Ensure that your VIM3L is receiving sufficient power via the USB-C port (don’t power it with your computer’s USB port). Or connect additional power to your Tone2 Pro via the USB-C port labelled “I2S”.

I assume its not enough power - I am using a 9W (5.2V 1.8A) amazon echo dot power brick to power on the vim3l. I will switch to a 10W and will try again. Thanks!

I also get the same error when trying to run the macOS GUI tool.