Tone2 Pro - Firmware v1.30 (Line-Out Volume Adjustment & More!)

For anyone else experiencing this issue, it can be fixed with sudo chmod -R 0777 /Applications/DFU\ from the Mac terminal.


Hello All,…

Previously upgraded from Firmware v1.0 to v1.2 (XMOS & MCU) on august 2021.

MCU update :

  • ST-Link v2 Hardware Tool + sttoolset_pack42.exe (ST-LINK_v2 Toolset) + Tone2_Pro_MCU_BOOT_APP_210417.hex = MCU Update → [OK]

XMOS update :

  • USB-C (Data) + I2S (Power) + Khadas_Tone_DFU.exe + Tone2_Pro_XMOS_V1.20_210408.bin = XMOS v1.2 Update → [OK]

Khadas Audio Dashboard Firmware v1.2 (Info)

Done today… Upgraded from Firmware v1.2 to v1.3 (XMOS) :

XMOS update :

  • USB-C (Data) + I2S (Power) + Khadas_Tone_DFU.exe + Tone2_Pro_XMOS_V1.30_210730.bin = XMOS v1.3 Update → [OK]

USB-C (Data) + I2S (Power)


Device opened…
Khadas Tone Firmware Update 01 (Device opened)

…Ready for firmware update…
Khadas Tone Firmware Update 02 (Ready for firmware update)b

…Firmware upgrade finished successfully.
Khadas Tone Firmware Update 03 (Firmware upgrade finished successfully)b

Then, Windows 10 detected a new device and reloaded driver on ist own … “Tone2 Pro device ready to use

Performed activation pre-gain mode for line-out RCA … WORKS GREAT !
Didn’t even need to reboot the Tone2 Pro, seem to do it by itself !!!

Great job Khadas Dev. Team !
Best regards,



Please help @tsangyoujun @Gouwa

I follow step by step to upgrade both XMOS v1.3 and MCU. But my tone2pro keep flashing and my computer (Windows) cannot detect the device. I try to reconnet and pressing and holding the volume knob but it does not work.

These are the steps that I do

  1. Updrade XMOS v1.3 → result OK. The device works normally.
  2. Upgrade MCU → the device keep falshing in 3 steps in blue light.

Sorry I can attach only 1 picture.

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I forgot a bit about the process, but if you had version 1.2, you can update to 1.3 without having to make any MCU update
I think MCU update was only needed on 1.1 devices

v1.30 firmware link doesn’t work ? @Eric68 @Gouwa

Hello @khadas22022

Please check here:

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Thanks the link in this thread and even on your main website should be updated as it doesn’t work

V1.3 still has some firmware bug,we will release V1.4 at the end of this mouth.

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Hi khadas22022,
the v1.4 firmware is available, please check this, have fun.

Does your Tone2 Pro serial number start with ‘0C’ or ‘11’?

The link to the free STM tool is old/broken: YOURDOMAIN/product-page/st-link-v2-hardware-tool. I have Tone 2 Pro with older software (original less than v1.2) that I want to upgrade.

Can I use something else instead?

  1. SEGGER J-link which I have in my drawer
    J-Link Interface Description

  2. Nucleo board somewhere and a second STM dev board that I’m pretty sure I’ve used for flashing other STM MCU’s. These I need to find, so SEGGER is the best choice.

If you have some guidelines on which pins to connect to Tone 2 Pro, otherwise my best guess is:

Tone 2 = SEGGER J-link
GND = JTAG any of pin 4,6,8,10,12,14,18,20

See STM8 Adapter

Hi Piotr,
This info maybe help you:
In addition to the 3 pins connected below, it is also necessary to supply power to Tone2 Pro through Type-C

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Yes, I know I need to connect the USB-C for power when flashing, but thanks for the reminder.

@kenny Can you confirm this is the correct way to connect to SEGGER? Also how do I check FW without connecting to this port?

Hi Piotr,

According to the STM8 adapter description, J-Link connection is not supported.

According to the J-Link description, J-Link support SWD but not SWIM(Single wire interface module) interface. Tone2 Pro MCU use STM8S003F3(SWIM), not STM32(SWD).
There someone said can use Flasher STM8, you can try it. This is consistent with his schematic statement.

Due to the limited space of the MCU Flash, the function of reading MCU version has been removed. so, it can not read the MCU FW version, at present, also the CPLD firmware version. Only can read the XMOS FW version from the USB-C(USB2.0 DC5V) port.

When I connect the DFU tool it says v 1.00.

When I use a STM8svldiscovery board with SWIM port and STLINK v1 the readback says:

> Reading  PROGRAM MEMORY area...
Cut Version and Revision of device: 1.2
< PROGRAM MEMORY reading completed -- [Device Checksum A1EBF]

I bought mine Tone2 Pro in November 2021 from Audiophonics and its a 11A1002A

I managed to program using STM8SVLDISCOVERY which uses STLINK v1

The instructions are here (2.2.2 Using the ST-LINK on other STM8S applications):

  1. You need to break the connection SB2 and SB1 with a knife


You can also use a Nucleo-64, instructions are found here. That one has STLINK v2 (6.4.4 Using ST-LINK/V2-1 to program/debug an external STM32 application)
NOTE: You need to check the board version! Above is MB 1360 and mine was MB 1136.

  1. You need to remove one bride connection (SB9 for MB1 1360 and SB12 for MB 1136),. Keep it, because now the onboard STM32L476xG is not connected to SWD so you will not be able to flash it without soldering it back on.
  2. Then remove the jumpers from CN4
  3. Connect CN11 pin 3, 4 and 5. Pin 1 has a dot to the left of it and is topmost if you have the micro USB port topmost (towards the edge of the board).
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