Tone2 Pro - Firmware v1.30 (Line-Out Volume Adjustment & More!)

Hello Community!

We’ve just released the v1.30 firmware for your Tone2 Pro, download it from:


  1. Added the pre-amp feature (when enabled, line-out volume is controlled by the volume knob)
  2. Added LED indicator lights for pre-amp (3 green lights)
  3. Added a feature in which the volume gradually increases from zero on startup
  4. Fixed an issue in which the DSD format caused the input priority to revert to defaults
  5. Fixed other minor software issues…

In a small number of cases, after you update the firmware the lights under the volume knob may flash green and your Tone2 Pro will be unresponsive. To fix this:

  1. Remove all USB-C cables (both USB and I2S ports)
  2. Reconnect only the USB-C (USB) port, whilst pressing and holding the volume knob.

Download the updated user manual:

How do you update the XMOS firmware to v1.30? Refer to these video guides:

If you have any questions, you can post your replies in this thread.

Have fun!


everything’s OK on my side :

  • unzip the firmware
  • open DFU Tool and select the firmware
  • update
  • windows drivers are reinstalling and need a computer reboot
  • reboot and everything’s OK

Now, I’ve just saw one thing : the level on the headphones (tried only the unbalanced output) is increased. Is it normal ?

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Whatever happened killed my Tone 2 Pro.
Followed the instructions. Verified, OK.
No more lights under the wheel. Ran the KHADAS windows app. Not connected, It’s dead, What Can I do?

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@Shawn_O Please describe what you did, step by step, and at what moment the problem appeared

Hi, for MACOS the script tries to look for previous 1.2 version - could you please change the script? (or is it a different script from the one referred to in the video?)

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updated, working flawlessly

would be awesome a feature to be able to mute headphone outs independently of rca.

i guess controlling both volumes separately would be asking too much right?

also, is there a reason to force high gain when using software volume?

I’ll get @hyphop to update the automated script. But from what I can read, he placed the static variables at the top of the script. Download the script to your Mac, and update it as follows:

Change the following 2-lines:


Once you’ve made the modifications, open a Terminal app and cd to the directory of the bash script, and run these commands to update your Tone2 Pro to v1.30 (ensure it is plugged in via USB-C):

chmod 0777

Did you flash the XMOS or the MCU? Usually flashing the MCU incorrectly or partially causes the RGB lights to go dead.

If you experienced this issue after flashing the XMOS to v1.3, then @Eric68 may have to be notified.

Please provide photographs, steps to reproduce your problem.

After upgrade and restart my device, the ring starts to blink and the device didn’t initialize, more precisely, it was restarting.

I disconnected the power supply and the USB from the device for a while, then it initializes fine. After that, I restart the device several times, and everything was OK.

My device is a second generation with MCU updated previously.

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Hi Shawn
I want to know what is the version of your Tone2 Pro before this situation.

Maybe @Eric68 would want to respond to this.

More details : measured the level on the unbalanced headphones output, here are the value for test track:

Full volume level is the same between High Gain mode and Pre-Amp mode
Unbalanced headphones output level - High gain

Unbalanced headphones output level - Pre-Amp

Mid volume is different, higher on the Pre-Amp mode, so the decrease is not calculated the same way
Unbalanced headphones output level - High gain - mid volume

Unbalanced headphones output level - Pre-Amp - mid volume

It’s not a drama at all as we are not supposed to change setting on the fly, unless @Eric68 prefers both settings to match ?

P.S. : will the SPDIF output feature be included on a future firmware ?

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Good suggestion, but the SPDIF OUT is bypass from ESS DAC from XMOS to Coaxial connector directly, not DAC volume not work for SPDIF OUT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s possible, what we should do might just release a new firmware and enable the XMOS software volume.

Hello, I also had the same problem, I was quite scared now everything works correctly, I observe that before you put the I2S power supply and it turned on directly and now you have to press the knob to turn it on, everything is perfect.

I have just updated the firmware on my Khadas Tone2 Pro Serial # 0CA10008, it is now no longer working; with the light under the wheel flashing on/off green.
It had been updated to v1.2 following the video instructions, and had been working fine.
If I try and re-load the file the DFU says no device is connected.
The only output is a ticking sound through my headphone amp.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @patl2020, did you tried to follow the steps mentioned by @Ardummy?

  • remove the power supply and the USB
  • reconnect only the USB with the wheel in power on mode pressed.

These steps worked for me and Ardummy also.

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hi, I have just done that and yes pulling out the USB cables and then re-starting everything worked.
Thanks so much


Worked perfectly! Thanks!
Initially the new features did not appear - then I remember to restart the device and now I am controlling my amp from my desk instead of having to reach for the remote!!
It also seems to keep the MQA mode: at least the colors still show at the wheel. I will try to run an oscilloscope check when I can (typically next week) to see the beyond-44khz content.

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So I guess that’s it. It’s dead and there’s no more help coming.

Great. Mine died too