Tone board : external powering


Received the tone board it’s excellent! Very happy with this purchase.

My tone board is USB-C powered (and the DAC fed) from a raspberry (if one day, your Vim or edge cards support PiCore player and a rasp 7" touchscreen, I’ll buy it immediately).

Is it possible to power the tone board via a separate power source than the USB from the raspberry?



Yes, it works out.

Have fun!


40 Pin Header - pin 1 & pin 21 to wire external 5v power?


Yes,more details see here


If the toneboard is powered by the 40-point connector and the audio stream arrives via the USB port C, there is no risk of a voltage rise that destroys the port on the PC side.
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Most people would add a external PSU because of noise from USB. I myself would like to build my own lineair PSU for the TB. But when powering the TB via pin 1 and 21 with a external PSU and feeding the dac with data (and ofcourse also power) via the USB-C, the external PSU would be useless because the TB would also reveive 5V from the USB-C which is not as nearly as clean as the External PSU… Is there a way the TB can only get power via the GPIO even if it is also powered by the USB-C? Of would you need a special USB-C to USB cable which would only send data and no power? And will that work or would the TB not be located because it gets no power via USB?