Tone 2 With iPad and iPhone: SOLVED

Has anyone here had any luck getting Apple devices to recognize their Tone 2 Pro?

I own three of the original Tone boards and have had no problems getting iPads and iPhones to see the the Tone 1 using the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter.

Windows 10 sees my Tone 2 just fine.


iirc you needed a specific apple USB-C to lightning cable to work with Apple devices, and it would be sold in the store in the near future…

I have several Apple brand USB-C to Lightning cables and have had no luck with them…have you seen any formal mention of Mac OS/X or IOS compatibility?

Hello, I believe what Electr1 was conveying is that no proper USB-C-to-Lightning cable for the Tone2 Pro exists yet. Khadas will add the special cable to their shop soon.


Yep, to support iPhone and the iPad modles with Lightning port, must use decicated USB C2Lightning cable.

Any standard USB C2C cable will works for the iPad model with USB-C port, for example, the iPad Pro.

Have fun!


I do appreciate everyone’s willingness to help, but none of this makes any sense (or works).

I just tried again using Apple’s own Lightning to USB C cable connected to the Tone 2s USB port and the other end to my iPad. Here’s the cable:

Supplied power to I2S using a Khadas USB C cable from a Tone 1, and also a standard USB C cable

Everything lights up and controls operate fine, but Tone 2 DAC does not show up as a choice on iPad.

I believe this requires a firmware fix…there should be no need for a “special” Tone 2 to Lightning cable.

Again, does anyone actually have their Tone 2 working with an iPad or iPhone?

There are only two methods to setup iPhone on Tone Seiral DAC/HPA:

  • Lightning to USB Camera Adapter + Any USB A to C cable
  • Decicated Lightning Cable that support USB Host (Normal Lightning charge cable not support USB Host mode)

Good day!

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Okay, here is a combo I found that works:

Connected to IPS port of Tone 2;

Any USB C cable to USB C charger/DC supply…I used a Khadas Tone 1 cable.

Connected to USB port of Tone 2:

IPad/iPhone end:

Tone 2 end:
Samsung USB-C sync/charge cable

I will test pin usage and report back.