Can’t use tone 2 with iOS

I posted this in another thread but as the thread was solved thought it better to start a new thread:

Hello. Just got my tone 2, it’s very nice. Looking at the above thread though, I am none the wiser about the status of iOS and the tone 2. I cannot get my iPhone to recognise the tone 2.

My set is:

-allo nirvana 5v switching power supply into the i2s port

-iPhone se version 2, fully updated iOS. Using Apple camera connector to usb c into the tone 2 usb input.

Everything lights up, but iPhone can’t detect the tone 2. Not sure what version of the tone 2 firmware is running, I assume the latest as it shipped from khadas 2 weeks ago.

Hello @Gouwa @Eric68

Please help to check.


Hi @Phorize
Check this for the cables setup for iPhone.

And Tone2 Pro FAQ Page:

Have fun!

This happens to me with my iPhone too.
I have a USB adapter with Lightening/USB/USB/Type C.
Sometimes all I need is the Type C from the adapter to the Tone 2 and Lightening connected to a power source whether is be an iPhone charger or a power bank. I have to keep trying, but eventually it works,

Sorry if it doesn’t help,