Rough out of box experience with Tone board

Did you attempt firmware reversion?

Yup, it started with v1.04 as reported over USB and then I flashed it again with v1.04 using the DFU tool. That was prior to the first post.

Please try 1.02, available here.

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I have five of the generic tone cards, and have been happy with all of them. The USB cable for three of them work well; for one, it is intermittent; for one it is a failure. The bad cable is a bad cable, tested with the tone cars and other devices. This is not driver or rev or device related - it is the cable that is the problem on two of the five.

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I have searched the whole post, I can’t see a single mention of the OS you are running, RDFTKV asked you about this.

What flavour of OS are you running? FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS?
Have you tested the TB on a Windows 10 machine?

He is probably using a Linux computer,

I quoted that because he is using pulseaudio which is one of the most used Linux userspace sound system

Tone board worked out of the box for me on multiple different sbc and using two different khadas usbA-usbC cables. Couldn’t be happier with this product and have had zero issues in 6months.


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Update for those interested blaming cables, hubs, firmware, USB specifications, power supplies and more:

I ordered a replacement Tone Board and it works without issue. All the cables work with all the devices (except cell phone, but different issue). Khadas cable works, other cables work, no issues with hub or directly connected. PCB and firmware have same revision.


Excited this is no longer acting sketchy so that I can progress to the VIM3L integration.

If only CEC worked correctly on 5.7 kernel… Hmmmmmm.

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great, but never saw that coming :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, I never imagined it being faulty due to the board itself, Infact it was the last of my assumptions, but anyway happy to know it works now.

When troubleshooting, all possible causes must be considered. Most troubleshooting is a process of elimination. Starting with the most likely or inexpensive suspects, and moving down the list.
I think we covered it all here. :grin:


yep, definitely everything in the list, that probably existed :rofl:

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Is English your native language? > Poor cognition? I posted ‘@RDFTKV’ question to ‘@2bluesc

@2bluesc does not state his OS, why make assumptions?

By the way, there was once British India.
I hope I didn’t offend anyone, just a story

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Let’s not talk Partition in 1947, no it wasn’t a story :frowning:

we will not, of course, just Electr1 from India

@Vladimir.v.v you are indeed correct, British India was once existent, and don’t worry I have no intentions of being offended by it, things happened over its course and it was in the past, let’s just not discuss history :slight_smile:

Why yes, glad you asked, I was actually educated till middle school in the states :sunglasses:, and so I guess English is my native language

but seriously @THD0000001 I have No intentions of fighting with you, I just commented on your posts which seemed like they were aimed at RDFTKV and 2bluesc,

Making assumptions is the only way to try to solve problems which have missing variables, there is nothing wrong in doing so, And in the case it is wrong it can be corrected, an Assumption is not final it is just a Candidate,

please I just want peace… Not Problems
I hope you can understand :slight_smile:


How much do I know that at the moment in India there are two official languages ​​Hindi and English, or am I mistaken?

believe me Even I have no idea :sweat_smile:

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it seems to me that you are still in the United States :grin: