BIG PROBLEM with tone board-music stop after few secc

I have big problem with tone board when connect with usb to windows 10.
When i pres play button music is start but after few secc. stop.
Please can you help me?

Or khads tone boar is dead.

I was install driver on windows 7 and same problem again. Music stops after few songs, after 12-15 minutes.
When i install driver 2.44 or 4.13 eval same problem on win 7 and win 10 again.
Is it possibile to relese new driver or i must return my tone board to you and tray to refund my money…

Hello, I will attempt to replicate your issue when I get to the TB. It will be several hours before I return to my tech space.

Update: I am using Windows 10 Home on a Nexbox T-10 mini PC. The Microsoft provided TB driver was auto installed by Windows. The TB is connected to a USB2 port. After 65 minutes, I experienced no stops.
I moved the TB to a USB3 port and played for 45 minutes. No interruptions or stops were experienced.Tomorrow I will try using the Thesycon driver.

It may help if you list some additional details, such as, player used, file type, etc.


Player is foobar, file tipe is flac, windows 10 pro 64 bit.
I try TB on 3 laptops two of them is on windows 10 pro one is windows 7.
PLayer and file type is not problem because i tray to play youtube staff and same thing is happening again. On win 7 music played on everthnig for 15 minutes then stop, on windows 10 stop after few secconds.
My friend tray it on linux and same sh…t again. I think that driver for windows is apsolutly crap, frst i try windows generic drivers and afher that try Thesycon driver old and new version and same thing again. usb ports also not problem becaus on all usb same F. PROBLEM

I guess me trying the Thesycon tonight will be pointless after you have tried both and on several machines.
My skills are limited in this area. Perhaps @tsangyoujun or @Gouwa can find an answer for you.
Hope you find a solution.

Hi @igorpl, did you previously upgrade your Tone Board’s firmware? Some users are experiencing problems with the firmware found on @Terry will fix the issue soon.

In the meantime, you can attempt to re-flash using this older firmware from: No sound after firmware upgrading (Direct link: Google-Drive)

Using the Windows 10 compatible driver update software to re-flash your Tone Board will work.

In the meantime, I would like to remind all users of the Tone Board to refrain from using this firmware to re-flash your Tone Board:

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Hi i trayed everthing you say but same problem again. Now with this FW music stops randomly.
After 15 sec, after 90 sec… . I tray this on several laptop new one i YOGA.

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Any chance you have a different USB to USB-C cable you could try?

Agree with @RDFTKV. When the music freezes its either:

(a) USB-C cable gone-bad.
(b) USB-C port gone-bad (or the IC that talks to the USB).

If it is (b), we’ll need to replace your board. You can attempt to replace the cable, or wiggle the cable. If the issue still persists, then it’s (b). If the issue goes away, probably (a).

Board is brand new arrived last week. Cabble is also new come with board.
I think that problem is driver because on win 7 work 15 minutes on win 10 wor few secc.
I will tray to connect other cabble and see what is happening.

I tried another cabble and same thing again. SPDIF is working good bat xmos is dead.
What can i do, and how to refund my money?

Yes you can request for a refund, however you’ll also have to return the Tone Board.

I’ll PM you the details.

I believe this is the same issue happened in my Tone Board.
I think the Tone Board is not a problem but the driver causes the issue. I tried my Tone Board with windows 10, this issue occurs. But when I use my Tone Board with MacBook, there is no problem at all.
See my thread. Not working in windows 10

I hope Khadas will fix it. Maybe, update the driver for windows 10 or update the firmware for the Tone Board.

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Driver is problem. On win 7 works for me 15 min and on win 10 few secconds.
Or FW…

Yes we are working on a fix. Thanks guys for your patience.

Here you go: Tone Board v1.02 Firmware Update

Same problem again. This is problem with TB on XMOS hardware…

i was paid vat and customs to an cost me around 30 euros

Hi igorpl,

have you updated the Tone Board v1.02 Firmware Update ? Does the problem still remain?