[ROM] Khadas Vim SCV1-ATV (Android TV)

superceleron has created a ATV style for the Vim

Changelog V1:
Brand new rom.
Custom kernel with some little fixes.
Default Governor Interactive ( I recommend adding a heatsink to the device )
Remove Google Cast since it wont work and never will and was there only wasting resources(Ram)
New Boot Logo, many thks to tattman65 for the great work
Android TV Version
Spoofed as MIBOX3 International
Leanback Launcher (it may take some minutes to show the recommendations… be patient)
Live Channels (if you update it, it will not show up in leanback launcher until you add a source, like usb tv dongle, hdhomerun, pluto, haystack etc…)
ATV Remote control
Voice Search
2 On Screen Keyboards, Default on English language is Leanback one and on other lang’s is the “normal” one… You can choose the default one in the settings.
Live Wallpapers, you can control it in Settings -> Display -> Daydream.
And All the other mambo jambo from ATV…
Ported the new added stuff from ugoos AM3 1.0.0 rom(Thks ugoos for the nice work) that includes:

  • USB OTG-HOST Switcher (SC settings -> Hardware -> USB switch)
  • Gamepad Settings (SC settings -> System -> Gamepad Settings)
  • NTP Server setting (Date and time -> NTP Server)
  • Fixed ext4 support
  • Added choice of actions for sleep timer and power key on RC (Display -> Daydream -> Power key action)
  • Added ability of disabling wake up from motions (Display -> Daydream -> Wake up from motion)
  • Added Debug Settings (SC settings -> System -> Debug Settings)
  • Temperature, Ram etc monitor.
  • Samba Server
  • Root / Unroot
    Proper RGB Fix ( Use the Included app, box-fix )
    Netflix, youtube, playstore…etc… fully working ( Youtube 4k only on 4k tv’s )
    initd.d support.
    PS3/PS4 gamepad support ( only with cable… )
    Fixed Xbox360 gamepad that showed power menu on dpad left, so no need to xposed fix!
    RGB fix now its on the “stock” android settings(Display)… Can also use the app included.
    New App that controls Brightness and contrast on the fly, and also apply’s the rgb fix, cec fix and the saved brightness value on boot! IT NEEDS ROOT TO WORK… (Many thanks to catharsys for the app )
    Gapps updated!
    Long Press Menu button hide/show upper/bottom bar
    Updated supersu app so no need to be updated from playstore to update “su” binary. ( Read bugs section )
    Wifi range should be a little better.
    Permissions fixed.
    Gapps Updated!
    Kodi Brightness fix (videos…)
    Added Xposed Framework
    FTMC Build 24
    Fixed auto frame switch in kodi. It only works on FTMC(included) SPMC 16.6.0, on kodi 16.1 doesn’t work because is to old(misses a lot of fixes for the new S9xx devices), Kodi 17 its a it and miss this days!
    Some other stuff i cant really remember anymore… lol
    Bugs V1:
    You may loose sound when enable my rgb fix on my kernel only (disconnect the hdmi cable and connect it again to solve it or change source on your tv)

On 1º boot when you setup in english language the on screen keyboard may not show when you going to put you wifi password, to fix it go back and change to another language and then go right back again to english and the on screen keyboard should be working now(you need to click it): YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE AND ONLY IN ENGLISH!
Only update “su” if you are going to to stay at root if are not going to stay at root and you are going to be doing a lot of changes between the two dont update it! Or you will get a boot animation loop…

Ugoos Firefly it needs ugoos kernel so dont turn it on because it wont work…

Google cast dont work and removed(missing Widevine L1), use ugoos Firefly for casting videos and pics of your phone to the tvbox.

Possible more!


Changelog V1B:
Fixed WiFi/Bluetooth on Non Pro version of Khadas Vim!
Bugs V1B:
Same as V1, read above…

Changelog V1A:
Added “Update&Backup” as balbes150 requested!
Updated a few more apps.
Added 1 more keyboard.
Changed the mouse icon.
And that is it, a simple bugfix rls

Source: Freaktab.com



Yes, a very nice work, indeed.
Kudos to Superceleron.

GPIO USB ports work too, so icing on the cake.:grin:

That’s Great job:smile:

Great news! Thanks for the news and thanks for all the efforts!

How do I boot / Install?

Use Amlogic USB Burning Tool to install, see Khadas docs here. Pay close attention to the “Bugs V1” section of the original post above for particulars.

Thanks for the image. But I can´t install the Balbes150 multiboot.


I will add the update&backup, like balbes150 asked!

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Thanks a lot for the update,

updated to SCV1A, simple bugfix!


Was able to activate balbes150’s multi-boot on SCV1B-ATV.
Thanks superceleron.

Another little update… SCV1B
Fixed WiFi/Bluetooth on Non Pro version!


Hi , i install this build it’s look great but i don’t have sound , do you know how i fixed it?

Have you tried to reboot since install?
I will check when I get to the Vim, but I have 2GB/16GB version.

yes, i rebooted , i have same version (2/16)

I have deleted my previous reply to avoid reader confusion.

Installed SCV1B, I have not spent much time on it, but so far sound is OK here.

No Sound issues found here with sound using new Rom 1B

Is it possible to change the spoof of the device from “MIBOX3” to other device such as: "Netxeon MXIII Plus"
the reason I ask is an application “Cellcom TV” which can not be installed from Google Play with MIBOX3.