Overclocking method

Has anyone overclocked the system, has it worked with stability over 2.5 GHz in the CPU and 1 Ghz on the GPU ?

Hello @Electr1

Current CPU frequency of the big core is 2.2GHz, not sure whether it can overclock to 2.5 GHz…

Have you tried changing the linux boot frequency settings ?

I checked the ARM dev. forums and it seems the big ARM cortex A-73 can be clocked to a whopping 2.81 GHz and the small A-53 can be clocked to 2.0 GHz

Is that with water cooling?

Cooling is not mentioned but the processer able to sustain 2.8 GHz peak. This system was created to ensure less thermal dissipation and was a part of the mid range processer series
It was given as such online.

Water cooling has been the fancy cooling method of PC fanboys these day but actually it is worse than simple air cooling methods.

If you really want high performance cooling i suggest replacing the water or cooling fluid with a much more volatile liquid (something like acetone but much less corrosive as it dissolves plastic) as it would provide a faster cooling solution

I use a large high air flow table fan for maximun cooling and I have never crossed 35 C° quite surprising!
P.S server processer cooling fans can do the same

Can it be tried by changing the operating points in DTB file…

I tried… But cannot get it working even for a 50 MHz over clock

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I want to try.
Can anyone tell me how to overclock?:grinning:

if someone else could give me an explanation, why?! since for more difficult work, this is a professional computer :slightly_smiling_face:
There is a cluster method from Khadas boards.

You change clock and voltage table in device tree… That should apply the over clock… But for some reason I cannot get it to work


I get this error…

I don’t know how to modify the DTB.
Is there a simple APK?
Can the KHADAS team provide an overclocked version of IMG?

I do not think, since this will already be deviations from the standards

The A311D has a throttling device and should be safe.
This is an interesting attempt, if possible, I want to make a radiator myself to stabilize it at 2.8GHz

and for what scenarios do you plan to use, if not a secret?:slightly_smiling_face:

2.8 Ghz will be a long shot

I think a overclock might not be possible… Usually for a overclock we need to increase the vcore voltage to support the the overclock… It seems that A311D in VIM3 is already in its limits in terms of vcore voltage, I might be wrong… But it seems a overclock might not be possible…

If it is 2.8GHz, I think it must be active cooling. I want to use a graphics card fan for the conversion.

well, what do you plan on doing at this frequency?:slightly_smiling_face: