Mainline linux EMMC VIM3L

How can I use fenix to generate an EMMC VIM3L image with linux mainline?

Thank you!

No eMMC installation for VIMs with mainline kernel.

But you can boot from SD card and write the image to eMMC with command emmc-install.

$ sudo emmc-install
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will it be available? why is this restriction?
I need to generate an image for the end-users to flash…

If u have some linux skill ! i can share howto generate Krescue installation EMMC image (kresq)

for any distros :wink:

another way !! just make dump from EMMC to SD (same use Krescue) and install it after :wink:

it would be appreciated while we wait for an update to fenix for this

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Upstream Linux has some functional limits depending on your use-case, but everything needed to boot an image on VIM3L is available. e.g.

VIM3L patches merged for u-boot 2020.04:

U-boot signing (FIP) sources:

Linux 5.5rc kernel with my current (still WIP) patch set:


is this the same linux source as the one fenix generates?
By any chance does it have DRM/KMS enabled and working?
I use GPIO, ADC, DSI and touchscreen input… is any of these lacking?

Thank you so much !

DRM/KMS is working (8-bit output, 10-bit is WIP still). The GPIO stuff should work but isn’t tagged and described in device-tree like it is for older VIM devices and legacy kernels. No idea about ADC/DSI as I don’t use them (or Fenix) … but shouldn’t be much effort to test and look.

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Sounds great, I’ll give it a look…

OK! i have check it !
this image same suitable for EMMC / same as for SD (sure its for simple direct write - no need aml_burn_software )

  1. wget

  2. make mmc disk export by usb via krescue
    ( )

and write this image to EMMC (unpack and write on the fly)

7zr e -so VIM3L_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-5.5-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231.7z "*/*.img" > /dev/sdX