M2X Extender board issues

Hi all,

Powering Vim3 on POE with the extender board - works as expected though thats all thats working.

I have an issue where no matter what mode I’m in (USB3 or PCIe) I can’t see the POE NIC or the NVMe, (yes i’m rebooting after changing).
Have cleaned all contacts - just to make sure but not helped.
Tried with latest Ubuntu and Debian from the Khadas repo’s using krescue.
The NVMe is the same recommended.

Networking, ip addr only shows eth0 & wlan0, lspci shows nothing, lshw just shows the wlan and eth0.

If anyone has this working or if support can let me know if I have a broken M2X - do let me know, purchased this as a dev board for an upcoming project in-which we plan to use these boards, there must be something missing - ie. kernel module or other, or there is no support or the board is broken.

Thanks for reading!

Has the drive been preformatted?

Nope the drives raw, seems like the board is not functional. Neither of the components work or can be seen and have seen this asked a lot in the forum with no real outcome.

I have my M2X board mounted to the Edge-V, so I cannot check LAN right now. I will attempt to check SSD connected directly to the VIM3 tonight. I will use latest Krescue Ubuntu for the test.
To confirm, your SSD does not show up in Gparted’s devices?

Thanks - exactly what I have done - used the khadas builds, non work thus far.
Checked the NVMe on my laptop and desktop - no issues, just in the slot (its warm to the touch too).
Networks my biggest concern
I’m not seeing it in the system, so i wont show in gparted!

Can you take a photo and post here to show the connections between the M2X, VIM3, SSD, LAN Cable?

BTW, be note that the Ethernet on M2X is 100Mbps not Gigabit Ethernet.

This screenshot shows the Patriot Scorch 128GB mounted. The image I used can also be seen in the screenshot. I downloaded the image from here.

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@Gouwa sure thing, when I get home, here is some krescue output

Hi JamesT,
I meant a photo like this:

Yeah, I understood but could not post until now @Gouwa :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you go, will downgrade to 4.* as someone mentioned a bug with 5 gen kernels.
My main need is both NICs operating the NVMe is a bonus if that also can start to work.


One with the board powered on.

Any idea’s @Gouwa - running 4.9 kernel, still nothing :frowning:
Even tried different power source with no luck.

both NICs operating its problem ! only one external or internal at this moment

i will try to check NVMe and add this feature in next krescue release

Could you please let me know how to use the POE Ethernet instead of the OnBoard one so I can make some progress @hyphop :slight_smile:

Hello Is the problem with the POE Ethernet Port already fixed?
On my VIM3Pro with extension board, i cant bring up the POE Ethernet port.
Only the adapter on the main board is working.
The ssd on the extensionboard is working.


Thanks in advice for your answer.