VIM3板载千兆网口和M2X Extension board扩展出来的百兆网口能否同时使用?

应用中需要用到双网口,VIM3加上M2X Extension board扩展板能否提供双网口?

dual mesh ?,could you elaborate


So you basically want to have a dual network connection, each one of them serving different purpose ?

maybe you could use something link this

since vim3 does have usb3.0

Yes, our application is this demand

Hello, I don’t know if things have changed since the following…

hardware not have limits for both port usage
but linux kernel have - maybe if improve this software part we can use both port at same time but still not at this moment

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I have never done double ethernet connection, but I have done ethernet and WiFi simultaneously for a double gateway, but as @hyphop says it is limited by software not hardware