Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

openwrt I install in my router (why install it on VIM3L?!? this is simple OS for routers), linux use in my PC (Ubuntu in Vim3L work very slowly, because arm architecture)… Сorelelect terribly slows down (moreover, you can’t log in to YouTube) if you install torrent services. There is not a single normal operating system for VIM3L to use it as a media center. It’s possible to port at least 100 operating systems to VIM3L, but with such support none of them can be used normally (due to bugs/errors), which’s why I say that disgusting support (the last time I launched your boot image for installation, the screen started to blink, periodically the image appears and periodically disappears :), is this normal in your opinion?). it remains to try the OS from supercelerone (maybe I’m lucky and it will work as it should).

  • openwrt - its not only for routers! - for example u can make from openwrt very powerfull media server and many other … same torrents services …
    vim3l have usb3 and 1Gigabit Lan its enouth for good speed

  • Сorelelec - nice for video

  • Lakka - Emuelec - for retrogames

dont forget VIM3L its a new hardware - and need a time for make stable software - OpenSource is opensource and every time have some problems

if u have good skill u can setup system as u need!

Krescue still on testing stage and sure have some bugs ! but its a
already usable - and u can install and try any OS

Wellcome !

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:joy: man you have a very good sense of humor! Any modern router has 1 GB Lan :slight_smile: for many (like mine) there is also a USB connector for the disk. The price of my router is 30 $ :slight_smile:, the price of Khadas is 72 $ + control panels to replace the original 12 $. Everything that can be done with Khados Vim3L I can be done with an ordinary router at the price of 30 $ :slight_smile:

this is if you don’t connect the repositories and install additional applications from them :slight_smile:, I took a chance and installed torrent services, the result was my Khados Vim3L VERY slow :slight_smile: and jerky … for something to happen, you need to click the button more than 10 times. Only half an hour ago I dubbed it on Android TV (it’s better to catch bugs there, since there is more specialized software).

this is a plus for children :joy:, not for me (I’ve played enough with the settings for this device, so I’m not interested in more games :joy:).

In this you are 100% right. OK. Let’s wait for a change for the better :slight_smile:.

It’s not about abilities or skills :joy:. There are many unobvious things and tricks to do. For example, do you know how I set up the keyboard (so that the remote works correctly)? I went into google app and installed app “keyboard for android TV” (yes I know that it should have already been preinstalled default in OS and it supposedly was preinstalled, but it can be installed again :rofl:), then I turned off the system keyboard (and this is the same thing attachment :)). Is this a skill or some kind of trick? This is a trick … illogical and not obvious. But it works and I’m still happy :). And I organized a voice search through my mobile phone (chromecast) … it’s not convenient, but at least that is.

I can also install, I can’t work in it (many bugs). Android TV at the first start cannot be configured using a mobile device (constantly restarted). If someone tested, he would immediately pay attention to it. So no one is testing. Voice search is a very important and key thing in Android TV and this voice search doesn’t work at all … that means nobody even uses Android and Android TV.

In Europe, the holidays begin. Have a nice new year (all the best :partying_face:)!

im sure its not true !!

show me any router with same powerfull hardware - 4xCPU + DDR4 2G ram + 16G EMMC + IR/RC + pcie + M2 + 40Gios + 1xUSB3 + 2xUSB2 + …

i can make from this hardware media server or router
which have better performance - compare with 200$up routers

PS: Have a nice new year too


Hi, hyphop!
Great work with krescue! I’m new to SBC, and your tool gives more confidence I won’t break everything while testing different ROMs.
Are there any plans to improve KBI support in future versions? Especially the trigger part? I noticed there are some issues with switching WOL on different ROMs, also turning on dcin trigger might be very useful.

yes i will try to do soon ! ( WOL and some other triggers )


Time to bed now :crazy_face:

man, I’m not going to convince you :slight_smile:, you can’t believe me, BUT what you propose to do with Khados Vim3L + Openwrt (remote storage), I can do it with a simple router (definitely worse performance) + openwrt (and this is more convenient since because router is always on) :slight_smile: and I don’t need IR / RC + pcie + M2 + 40Gios (for Khados I bought a 512 GB SSD drive, but your engineers didn’t allow me to install it without buying an additional device at the price of +20 $ :rofl:, although they could simply increase the case by 6 mm).

ohh man… I don’t know what you’re talking (don’t just install the OS… for example CoreElec, but try to configure it … install torrent services :joy: and use it for at least a few days and you will understand that the characteristics that you admire are not visually noticed :)… it will slow down with any remote control :)) the more so when compared with the android box 5 years ago :), the only difference is that the new processor heats up less)… or you have little choice or you look at the world through the eyes of a seller, but not a buyer (for 200 $ it makes no sense to buy a device on an arm processor :slight_smile:. And where does the 200 $, why not 100 $ or 300 $?!? However, it doesn’t matter, initially it was about software support, and not about the technical characteristics of the device) :slight_smile:.
I did not want to clog this thread with answers (but it would be impolite to leave unanswered), so I apologize (I will no longer distract from the discussion) :). I have a festive mood :), I wish you all good luck and success in the new year!

last Ubuntu for VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 VIM3L

last Android for VIM3L


Krescue online installation is here folks! Thanks to @hyphop for all the effort! :smile:


yes ! its very easy ! we can install and replace any os ! without any software & sd card & pain :wink:


curl -sfL | sh -s - --help
wget -O- | sh -s - --help

ONLINE WRITE Krescue system to emmc

curl -sfL | sh -s - VIM1  > /dev/mmcblk?
curl -sfL | sh -s - VIM2  > /dev/mmcblk?
curl -sfL | sh -s - VIM3  > /dev/mmcblk?
curl -sfL | sh -s - VIM3L > /dev/mmcblk?

or easy use auto-detect (detect VIM board name - only on runned VIM machine )

curl -sfL | sh -s -  -X > /dev/mmcblk?


todo next simple steps

1) image WRITE to > EMMC
2) select any image | Download -> check_online_images -> download
5) wait OK
6) eject SD & reboot
7) DONE => bootup new OS from emmc


PS: before install new os u can save current state and restore this anytime by same Krescue !


last improves for Krescue - shell installation read more by online commands

curl -sfL | sh -s - -h

its more safety now

  • improved advanced board auto-detection
  • safe and protect writes
  • auto-detect emmc rewrites (goto RO mode)
  • reject wrong destination for writes (safe you computer if u write wrong destitaions )
  • many other improves

new COREELEC kresq images

VIM2.VIM1.COREELEC.9.2.1.emmc.kresq - VIM1 VIM2
VIM3x.COREELEC.9.2.nightly.emmc.kresq - VIM3 VIM3L


curl -sfL | sh -s - --list

I have a vim2 with nougat and a tone board vim.
I would like to use volumio to make the most of the tone board.
possible to keep nougat on vim2?
I am neither a programmer nor the like, I have a computer in dualboot, wind 10 and ubuntu 18.04 lts.
krescrue is very new to me, the video is good, but with the translation, it’s not always good.
I’ve been watching the video ten times, but it’s not all clear.
thanks for the help


its very easy !!! one of simple ways is !

  1. write Krescue to SD (u can use windows or linux for write image to SD )
  2. boot krescue from SD
  3. check ethernet connection on VIM board
  4. write any OS images by online

PS: krescue install all OS into EMMC


beautiful utility,

but when i try to flash ubuntu to EMMC using krescue and then i remove SD and reboot, my khadas keeps blinking 3 time continuously white led light and screen all black

it doesn’t seem to work for me boot to ubuntu.
what seems the problem you think?


u have problem only with UBUNTU image?
plz write more detail ! about your steps !
device model ? logs ? screenshots ? video ?


I haven’t used Krescue with Ubuntu
I have been flashing Android and CoreELEC.


When Krescue finishes I Do Not Pull Out SD Card and Reboot.

I choose Power OFF.

Then i pull out SD Card after it has Powered Down.

Then i Power on the Device.

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oh sorry, hehe am new to everything and i love the experience.

ok here we go sir.

at first I use Khadas VIM3pro and have downloaded Krescue to my SD as instructed. worked flawlessly.

then i downloaded
and i put it in my SD download folder in the SD dump storage.

I insert the the SD and boot to MaskROM mode
I boot in to Krescue and choose number 2 : image WRITE to > EMMC
takes about 1 min 30 seconds. awesome.

than I poweroff remove SD. boot the Khads VIM3 Pro. now all i see is blackscreen for so long and the device is flashing 3 white led light continuesly . just keeps doing like that and my monitor doesnt turn on.

I use my PC as source power and my pc is high end. and am sure its not usb-c power because i aslo tried powersource from wall adapter.

but when i try other images like Android or EmuElec or COREELEC. all work flawless.
but not ubuntu image. i didt try other version yet. i just tried V20191231 ubuntu,
I also tried flashing my EMMC using
USB_Burning_Tool v2.x.x but it stops at 46% and this error pop up
UBOOT/Partition rootfs/Download buffer/Data tranfer error

Thank you in Advance for your hard work its amazingly helpful! all I want now is ubuntu!! to rock my world on my KHADS SBM!

Help Appreciated

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  1. u must sure u used last krescue system image for VIM3 is
  2. try another SD card ! or reformat SD card && redownload images