Build vim2 firmware including root support

Hi thanks for getting back to us it’s been working brilliant but a few times it’s been shutting of back to the home screen I can’t understand what is doing it it’s got loads of memory and it doesn’t get hot.
OS 7.1.2 nougat

Say if I was watching a movie or a show it would go back to the home screen with the khadas sign if you was turning it on for the first time I’ve got plug to my tv and power source is khadas is power lead and plug

Sounds to me like the box is spontaneously rebooting. This can be caused by numerous issues.
Often it is a power starvation issue. USB connected accessories can increase demands on available power, check to make sure USB connected devices don’t exceed the current available from the power supply. Power starvation can also be caused from an under-performing power supply.
I would suggest swapping out a suitable power supply as a test for starvation issues.

Could also be caused by an app or firmware bug. Since your VIM2 was previously working fine on the same firmware, it would not be my first suspect. Consider any recent app installs or app updates that have occurred around the same time as the rebooting issue.
As a general house cleaning measure, you may want to go to Settings/Storage and clear the cache.

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I would advise you to reset to “factory settings” and observe.

here you are right, I found one of these errors on vim3, and it is connected with the VC-1 codec, I hope Terry will fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you think I should update the OS to Oreo 8 or Pie 9 I think your right it could be apps updating because it doesn’t do it all the time I’ve forgot how to download the os for the vim2 could you send us the link on how to do this.

As far as I know, there is no Pie firmware for any S912, AML has not yet released a workable SDK from what I understand.
If I recall you have a Mac PC. Do you recall what we did last time to get around not having a Linux or Windows PC?

VIM2 Android firmware can be found here.
Directions for flashing firmware can be found here, and here. How to enter in to update mode can be found here.

A new way to flash the VIM2 has become available, Krescue, though still in the experimental phase. A Krescue video how-to can be seen here.

I’ve got windows on my MacBook Air by bootcamp I can’t how I done it

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OK, having Windows on your MacBook should make it fairly easy.
You have a couple of options…
1.) Use Windows, the USB Burning Tool and a USB-C to USB-A cable.
2.) Use Windows to make an update card.

I think you used option one last time, so I will focus on that…
I assume you already have the USB Burning Tool on your MacBook Win10. You may not need the latest version of the tool, but the latest version of the USB Burning Tool is 2.2.0. Follow Windows directions here to flash the firmware. To enter update mode follow directions here for the “Keys” method.

Let me know if you have any difficulty.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to leave on nougat because there is know update to Oreo or Pie they have loads of versions of nougat but that’s it I think your right it hasn’t been doing it lately but it must be when apps are updating.

I hope the issue does not resurface.

There is a custom VIM2 ROM from developer superceleron, you may find it has advantages over the stock firmware. Read about it here if interested.

Also, Krescue can be used to make an entire backup of the VIM2’s current firmware, apps and user data. In the event you did not like the custom ROM, the Krescue backup can be used to restore the VIM2 to your current setup.

Can you help us here I’m trying to download 4K movies on to my 1tb drive I’ve got connected to my vim2 I’ve format the drive fat32 but I have noticed that when I try to download a big movie file 88.20GB I go into es file explorer but the strange thing about it instead I seeing 88.20 gb of my 1tb it shows 4gb this is every time it never shows how big the file is it’s very confusing I don’t understand why it keeps doing this

Fat32 format is limited to 4GB file size.
NTFS, exFAT and other formats can handle files in excess of 4GB.

can you get OwnCloud Server on vim2 I’ve tried to get it on my other devices no luck could you explain to how to set this up I’ve read that you can install it on raspberry pi you must be able to install it on the vim2.

How do you setup Ubuntu on my vim2 can you dual boot this?

My apologies, I do not have experience with OwnCloud Server, so I can not offer any advice for that.

Dual-Boot firmware is available for the VIM2, see here for image. It is older, however, Khadas Team member hyphop has said a new dual-boot firmware will be coming for all the VIM model(1, 2, 3). You may want to wait and see. The current dual-boot firmware is for USB flashing methods and the flashing programs for Linux and Windows.

I mentioned Krescue before. Krescue can be used to download and install certain images. Benefit? Other than making the Krescue uSD card, no PC is needed. It is easy and self-contained.
The firmwares Krescue can install can be see here. Once hyphop releases the new dual-boot, it will be found there.

Otherwise, Ubuntu can be installed to the VIM2 or run from SD/USB, using the usual methods.

Thanks for getting back to us how do I set this up when I click on dual boot image there is two which one do I click on is it the same setup is install nougat I’ve Ubuntu on my MacBook Air that I have setup could you send us the link how to setup can you do this with Ubuntu on my MacBook Air or does it have to be windows 10.

One of the files at that link is an *.md5sum file. That file is used to check a downloaded file’s integrity, a checksum.
The firmware file is this one.

Instructions for using Ubuntu can be found here, scroll down to Ubuntu section. Note, I have not used Ubuntu to flash firmware.

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I’m having problems with my vim2 I’ll be watching something and it will crash and then it will go back to the home screen it’s done this about 10 times it’s driving us mad it’s not hot the vim2 but I’ve got a external hard drive connected to it 1tb for extra storage but could this be doing this.

Most likely @MacThomas62, those hard drives pulls about 5v 0.55 A on average, and that’s that’s the least amount just over the limit of the USB 2.0 ports present on the device

But I see there is a 2.0 port with 900 mA power output but I think there is a solution for this,

you could use something like this if both ports are empty,

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Sounds like a power starvation issue. May want to use a powered USB hub for connected USB HDDs.

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