Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

krescue ready for Android installation

i just complete Android installation via krescue, we can test how its works

  • fastest installation time - is only 40-50 sec (for example amlogic burn software makes it 4x and more times slower + sometimes with errors )

Download image

plz download latest krescue image (only latest krescue can write it )

PS: i can prepare krescue Android images for VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 too soon


simple real-time demo - how to install CoreElec and Android to VIM3L - only by 3min ( for both installation + runs and reboots )


seems like a really nice tool. will there be a version for VIM1 too?

this last demo video for VIM3L but krescue same works for VIM1 and VIM2 and VIM3 without differents

Krescue images for VIM1 can be found here.

read README before usage :wink:


have tried krescue with VIM1 and ran into problems after successfully preparing the sd-card and booting into krescue. the first installation over Android did NOT work for me, but dumping USBburned Ubuntu and restoring it over Android in another VIM1 was successful.

this is how i tried the Ubuntu image (from Khadas fw resourcs) installation over Android:

  • on win10 pc, copied several versions of img files into /tmp/mounts/dumps/downloads directory
  • started krescue on VIM1 and tried to write eMMC
  • the uncompressed img was not recognized at all (not listed dor image WRITE).
  • the 7z file from the firmware page (VIM1_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20190830.7z) was also not recognized (not listed for image WRITE).
  • gz from img (created with gzip -c in krescue!) produced ‘broken gzip’ message when selected for write
  • .zstd from eMMC img was accepted for writing, but the result was NOT as expected - no boot after power break, no video
  • .zstd from SD_USB img was accepted for writing, but the result was NOT as expected - black screen in a few seconds after reset, video existed

why did I fail in restoring the files from Khadas fw resources? is there some special img.zstd somewhere for krescue?

found, to be used with krescue. BUT using ubuntu from there does NOT boot in VIM1 either.

The only way I have any success on VIM1 with krescue is the dump and restore way.

plz dont write 7z images and other its not for krescue

krescue images ONLY there

BUT using ubuntu from there does NOT boot in VIM1 either.

before write any images plz download and write latest krescue system
i have make changes day by day for krescue and krescue images

LAST IS from : Tue Dec 24 05:06:15 UTC 2019

and u need down latest images

only today i have done this ubuntu image for every device (universal image) and sure i have tested it for all devices VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 VIM3L ! its must works !)

PS: re-download and rewrite all again! im sure must works

PSS: now im testing krescue simple auto update - im think its must solve many problems

PSSS: images notes


i have done update just now !


Hey guys, was anyone able to flash this way? Android OS unable to log in to your google account. Even if you turn off the sound at all, the sound will always be at its maximum. Why recommend such an image for use?!?

Krescue installation system - still on the testing and demo stage!!!

Android OS unable to log in to your google account. Even if you turn off the sound at all, the sound will always be at its maximum.

this krescue image contain same Android version as there >

if u have some problem with android plz ask you questions about android in android thread (its not Krescue - krescue just installation system for other OS )

Why recommend such an image for use?!?

who make recommendation for u to use this android image ? :wink:

PS: some krescue images just for test some possible use as stable some not !!!

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I even have a dual system installed in EMMS using Krescue Android + Corelek, no problem! Great job!


new Android.Pie_V191130 krescue image for VIM3

NOTE: this krescue image generated from this (amlogic burn) image
and contain same Android version

INFO: installation time only 50 sec


new COREELEC.9.2 nightly krescue image for VIM3 VIM3L ( one image VIM3x.COREELEC.9.2.nightly.emmc.kresq for both devices )

INFO: installation time only 17 sec
INFO: converted from coreelec night build 20191227

PS: i have check it for both VIM3 VIM3L devices - i dont find any problems - looks like works fine!!!


new Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023 krescue image for VIM3L

INFO: installation time only 65 sec
INFO: converted from - [ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV v1 20191023

NOTE: fixed bootup for other system from sd card


and after installation-reboot 17 minutes shows the android startup screen :rofl: great job man!

Who has already installed the android OS, first you need to install ColeElec, and then only install Android TV (otherwise an endless splash screen at startup). By the way, switching on with the remote control does not work (I use 3 remote controls alternately). Voice search does not work, which makes it useless to use it as a TV box. Some minor problems with logging at the first start (for a long time it was not possible to log in, I saw the same problem on a pure android OS).
Another bug, it is impossible to enter letters in the native keyboard. Pressing the OK button does not select a letter, but selects a transition to another menu (everywhere except YouTube as there is its own virtual keyboard).
the air mouse does not allow you to select letters when typing (therefore, it turns out I did not manage to log in for a long time). If you insert a USB flash drive into the connector, after a while the wifi falls off. I only tested a couple of hours :(. Will have to come back to CoreElec again… disgusting software support (numerous bugs, without testing). I have another five-year-old android box for $ 20 and it works better (at least there is voice control), I don’t understand why here people write that everything works fine?!?

tnx for respond ! i will check what happend ( but for me startup about 1 min )

UPDATE: i have checked it ! not have any problem - android first bootup every time slow (because make some setup and initialization for OS - sometimes is several mins ) - but its only first time! next bootup is fast!!

Krescue system just make installation for other OS
if u have some problem with installed OS for example with android GOTO other thread ----> [ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV v1 20191023

PS: i never use Android and i cant say anything about android problems!

PSS: if u have problem or question about any linux OS wellcome (openwrt lakka coreelec ubuntu emuelec volumio) wellcome!