Khadas vim compatible with atvxperience or not

@Cimmarron, glad those suggestions helped to sort out your wifi issue.

Using an air mouse, you may be able to select/deselect the “Do Not Disturb”, alarm tones and other sound settings under “More Settings”. Use the mouse pointer.

In any case, general audio works on all my apps.

@gebeater, I didn’t use the T7 rom in this build. The base is the S905x ATVExperience rom from March 2019 (no: 2FF). The mods are the dtb, burn.ini and uboot partitions from Vim Nougat Root 170612. Perhaps you could try rebuilding the rom using the Vim bootloader partitions as well.

Our Vim Pro boxes vary quite a bit in terms of what they’ll accept…

I found it better to uninstall some of the included apps, and reinstall those I wanted from scratch. As I noted, you can use System App Remover or similar to remove system as well as user apps.

Update: although the Vim’s system buttons work for me, and let me connect to USB Burning Tool, a full wipe and reinstall required using maskrom. This is now fixed in V3…

Yes , with air mouse is easy turn sound on.

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@Zahir, thanks that worked, i added dtb, uboot and bootloader partition and also burn.ini ddr.usb + uboot.usb…
Here is the Link for the non pro Vim Rom:!bscgRaRL!o9S39uVQ0884fjJxKXAabdhhbEtsdCAPze-qIy2Rx6A

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Great - and thanks for the link. Other users, please note, we have choices! If one doesn’t work, the other might. Although Gebeater’s rom is for the non Pro box, it works fine on the Pro version, and may suit those with more temperamental units.

Update: I did revise my bootfiles to create a V3 of my own rom, but after checking its performance over time, I have withdrawn it. The rom booted fine on my Vim Pro and didn’t require maskrom to be wiped. However, it had issues with power management after shutdown that sometimes made it boot up at a lower resolution. For now, we have V2.


Any interest in seeing this ported over to the Vim?

Haven’t done a detailed comparison with ATVExperience - the two share a lot of source code and fixes (and perhaps the same bugs): ATVExperience seems prettier and more media-oriented; Poison is more stripped down and may be more efficient and even faster.

Don’t want to open a separate topic but, while I’m in the mood, here’s a port based on the latest from that team. Install as with ATVExperience: maskrom NOT needed to wipe it if you want to go back.

On first boot, after a striking animation, you’ll see a blank loading screen for a few minutes. It’s unnerving, but be patient, it will eventually turn into a setup screen. Subsequent boots are pretty fast.

Update: Team Poison just released version 4.6 of their rom, with several good fixes and a smarter UI. I’ve updated my port to V2.!JOpXFIjb!6NEyXVZFyGi1YLfon7ouEd1ZjzE2WCjxvH2uDLWjQT8

All the credit for this rom belongs to that Team.

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The boot is very unstable in my Vim. lot of reboots to install it.

Hmm… you did better with V2, it seems. V3 installed and ran OK on my boxes, but had other issues.

Fixed now, I hope, and V3 is re-posted here:!dC4RiarQ!kGzPalJ8jfNydRHienLi2LoMUt0XaPFnkBj0BAiGrLU

  1. V3 may be more compatible with a wider range of boxes. 2. System sounds now work when turned on in Settings. 3. To enable root, go to #Superuser in Settings, toggle Close Root Access and then Open Root Access again. Reboot.

Hi Zahir - thanks for the updated ROM.

Are you in a position to post a set of screenshots for the ATVxperience ROM. I usually choose ROMs based on their UI experience and would like to see what this looks like, the previous ATVxperience didn’t quite meet my requirements. It would be great if you could post as I would have a lot of work re configuring my Vim.

Alternatively is there any way to boot this from a SD card?


@mousemat: SD card version? Can you point me to an SD card version of Vim Nougat? That might be a start, and I’d look into it.

The s912 version in this video looks identical to that on the s905x.

Thanks for all the great work Zahir!
That atvX in the video is pretty old version, We improved it much with v2FF.
We also kind of renamed ourselves. We earlier used to write it as ATVXperience but now we write it as atvXperience :slight_smile:
You should check uboot for power on related issues and check the media folder for the interface sounds, they also need to be enabled from the settings to work.

@NayamAmarshe, thank you and the atvXperience team for the great rom. Hope I have the name correct there!

V3 of my Vim port should have sorted out power management and interface sounds. And the system buttons work fine, so no more need for maskrom.

Keep up the wonderful work, and please let me know when you move to Oreo.

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Is there a version for vim2 max ?
Every1 seems to forget about vim2

I don’t have access to a Vim2. I would have ported the rom over if I had.

The download link for v3 no longer working, could you please provide a new one? Thanks.

@Victor, here’s a new link to V3. I had been hoping that, with demand for these ports rising, the moderators of this website would have offered to host the files. Hasn’t happened, and my own resources are required for other projects - but still, I will keep this link going for a few days.

Enjoy the rom.!cXwylIBS!kGzPalJ8jfNydRHienLi2LoMUt0XaPFnkBj0BAiGrLU

Can u direct me to atv rom for vim2 the lastest version if there is one

Hey Zahir

Today, 19 May 2019 , The download link for “v3” no longer working, could you please provide a new one? Thanks.

Thank you very much for your work and selfless collaboration and for sharing with us all your works.
You have all my respect and admiration.

I want to try the new version “V3” of your Rom in my Khadas Vim Pro (1) and if it goes well, I will talk to several friends of mine so they can try it too

Please, provide a NEW download link for the “V3” version

Receive a warm and affectionate greeting from a Spanish

Hi Angel:

Here’s a new link for V3, as requested. Hope you enjoy the rom.!xXRj2IqS!kGzPalJ8jfNydRHienLi2LoMUt0XaPFnkBj0BAiGrLU


Hi Zahir - would you mind posting a new link?

And could you confirm which version of ATVxperience the rom uses?


@mousemat - new link to V3 of my port here. Based on atvXperience 2F. Stable on both my Vim units.!YPp1kKjS!kGzPalJ8jfNydRHienLi2LoMUt0XaPFnkBj0BAiGrLU