Khadas vim compatible with atvxperience or not

Hello Khadas community,

Has anyone tried the new rom AtvXperience ?

I didn’t know about this rom, last time i’ve checked, only android atv rom for Vim was from superceleron, but it looks like it’s abandoned.

It looks like it should be compatible with most or all s905x devices, so i believe it should work, because Vim has unlocked bootloader.

Last time i’ve flashed custom android roms, was more than 3 years ago, it was on my old phone, but i wasn’t satisfied with any of these roms, except the ones on the same android version, most of them had bugs that made my phone more unusable than usable, but i hope this one will be different.

This rom has versions for s905x and s912, so i believe it deserves a topic here, this looks like something worth to try.

I’ve tried to flash this atv xperience rom, with aml burn card maker, usb burning tools, sd card, twrp, i’ve tried every possible way and i couldn’t flash it.

Every procedure shows errors, or doesn’t see the zip, i don’t know what is wrong, but i am sure it’s not my fault.

I did flash custom roms in the past, never had any problem, and now on Vim2 i can’t flash both atv xperience versions, unbelieveable.

I come to test the new Rom AtvXperience (S905X v2F) but the case is blocked at startup on the logo AtvXperience.

I wish I had a khadas device but unfortunately I don’t so I can’t port and test the ROM. But you guys can try porting it and I’m 100% sure it will work. You just need to copy/replace some files of atvx with vim’s and it will work.

Great work BTW. What files need to be replaced ?

Hi. I replaced dtb file in your image and it boots now (i guess it’s something with power button pin and led pin on gpio), but i’m stuck on “checking for updates” screen and setup with phone doesn’t work. Anyway here’s dtb for khadas

Ok. Something weird with this firmware. The home button does not work(apps like button remapper helps), the setup wizard does not work (you need to remove it from image to get to homescreen), the play market does not install applications, some menu items do not work, the chromecast does not work.

Here’s img. Maybe someone will be interested in it, or can help to fix it.

I’ve managed to “fabricate” a working Vim Pro version of atvexperience, and it’s fluid, quick and functional for me. Using the Amlogic customization tool, I started by modding a T7 Nougat rom to run on the Vim. This entailed replacing the T7 uboot and dtb files with those from a Vim Nougat rom. Next, I replaced the modded T7 rom’s system partition with that from the final ATV Rom for s905x devices. The result boots perfectly and runs well.

If anyone wants my adapted rom, I can upload the img file to Mega. The credit for the rom of course belongs to the original ATVexperience coders. I simply found this way to get it running on the Khadas Vim Pro.

Update: I have 2 Vim Pros. The rom loads and runs perfectly on the first, but seems unstable on the second…

First of all Happy New year to the community.

Thank you for having implemented this adaptation of this excellent ROM on Vim Khadas. I want to test this ROM

Thank you for your investment and Sorry for my english!

If anyone wants to try my adapted ATVexperience rom for Vim Pro, here’s a link to it. Please note:

  1. It runs well on one of my devices. not so stable on the other. No apparent reason except maybe slightly different DDR timings (?)

  2. To burn another rom after installing this one, you may need to enter Maskrom mode.

So test at your own risk! First boot takes a few minutes, it loads fast subsequently.!FKAiDCyb!P58aeJOJzl-KF3caJTxJKIR7mRWJolQ-5EH2nZdf4ZI


Installed this today - thank you! No more hot VIM.

Now to change the background image - any ideas?


Let me know how it goes for you, and whether it’s stable. It’s certainly a snappy rom.

As for de-installing it, and burning another rom, as I pointed out, you’ll likely have to enter Maskrom. The usual button presses don’t seem to register - though I haven’t tried clearing the Vim’s memory altogether, which might work. Or not…

Seems good so far - a few buggy things happening but generally smooth.

I’m unclear as to what kind of recovery this rom has, if any? Is TWRP present? I’ve not attempted to boot to recovery.

Would you be in a position to make a new ROM based on V3 when it’s released?

Thanks again

It has the standard Android recovery (Nougat). If V3 is Oreo-based, an update to my port will require a new bootloader as well as system, I’ll look into that at the time,

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Hi Zahir , I has tested the rom, it works fine for me, I have Vim 1 pro, 16GB.
“as You ask for de-instaling”, I have no problems whith USB burning tool method, I press and hold the power button while conect the USB cable whith PC. I installed VIM1_Nougat_V180619 again.
Thanks a lot for this rom.

Happy to know you have it running, and with no need for maskrom to burn another rom. Thanks for the feedback.

Work in Khadas VIM 1 8gb?

Should be ok. Maybe you will tell us?