Khadas vim compatible with atvxperience or not


Hello Khadas community,

Has anyone tried the new rom AtvXperience ?


I didn’t know about this rom, last time i’ve checked, only android atv rom for Vim was from superceleron, but it looks like it’s abandoned.

It looks like it should be compatible with most or all s905x devices, so i believe it should work, because Vim has unlocked bootloader.

Last time i’ve flashed custom android roms, was more than 3 years ago, it was on my old phone, but i wasn’t satisfied with any of these roms, except the ones on the same android version, most of them had bugs that made my phone more unusable than usable, but i hope this one will be different.

This rom has versions for s905x and s912, so i believe it deserves a topic here, this looks like something worth to try.


I’ve tried to flash this atv xperience rom, with aml burn card maker, usb burning tools, sd card, twrp, i’ve tried every possible way and i couldn’t flash it.

Every procedure shows errors, or doesn’t see the zip, i don’t know what is wrong, but i am sure it’s not my fault.

I did flash custom roms in the past, never had any problem, and now on Vim2 i can’t flash both atv xperience versions, unbelieveable.


I come to test the new Rom AtvXperience (S905X v2F) but the case is blocked at startup on the logo AtvXperience.


I wish I had a khadas device but unfortunately I don’t so I can’t port and test the ROM. But you guys can try porting it and I’m 100% sure it will work. You just need to copy/replace some files of atvx with vim’s and it will work.