Khadas Amplifier

Hi Everyone how are you. Do Khadas sell a amp.

hi, I think yes, but now there are problems due to quarantine in China

Hi thank you for your reply. Do you know the name of the amp.

I thought the tone board was just a dac do you control the volume through what you connect to it because I haven’t seen a volume knob. I have a Onkyo A 9010 is it better than my amp.

Well, for example, you can connect your Onkyo A 9010 to TONE BOARD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
By the way, I found your early questions), for example this …

for example, I have such a scheme , Khadas - HDMI-TV-spdif- active speakers, I like everything, I do not need to invent anything

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Volume will be controlled at the source, and/or the power amplifier/receiver/AVR. Hardware volume control via the TB is possible, but takes some effort, see here for more information.

Khadas has another version of the Tone Board under development, not sure when, or if, that is planned for future release. For a look at the concept, see here.

To my knowledge Khadas does not offer a power amplifier.


Yep, Tone2 will built-in the Amp.


Thank you Everyone for your help. When can I have the tone 2 can I review it please thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.

I know many users have been waiting for a long time, but we still cannot provide the timeline of the launch of Tone2 at this time.

I try to share some pictures that I had weeks ago here first to show what Khadas team has been working hard and to deliver every single good product to our users:

It took few months for us to design and mould development:

And below pictures tell the reason why we have to designe a new RCA connector:

Good day!


Thank you do you have any specs for it and can you tell us what you want to achieve by making the tone 2.

Not yet at the moment :crazy_face:

Thanks for understanding!

secret development :grin::+1:

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Will it have a optical connection because I use a optical connection.

My expectation is that TB2 will include an headphone amplifier possibly able to drive wiith ease high impedance high end headphones

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I was decided to buy the KTB, but now I dont know if to wait for the new Tone2 model.

How much time is left for the launch? Weeks, months, or…?

Will it be priced over $ 99 or will it be much higher?

Thank you very much! I’m very exited!

Should be next half year :slight_smile:

As we are also appling Apple MFi for the Tone2:


It will be priced around 150$. Go and buy first gen TB and enjoy. :smile:


I have already bought it! I´m enjoying it a lot. The KTB sounds wonderful. Better than my Allo Boss Dac 1.2


indeed tone best dac ever

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