Kali Linux on a Khadas VIM

Hi guys !, after much time I have been successfully been able to get Kali Linux running on a VIM,
my specific device was a VIM3…, It is basically the end result of a new Debian to Kali linux conversion script i have been working on…

Here are some screenshots of the final conversion:

There some doohickeys I still have to fix,
like, openCL needs recomplation to have Hashcat and other hardware compute tasks to work
(will be done in the script itself)

please note the WiFi-chipset may not be compatible for sniffing operations and promiscous mode…

Don’t compare it to the desktop version of Kali-Linux, unlike that, the version of Kali for SBC’s and ARM devices won’t have the same setup, it is comparable to the version of Kali-linux for RPi’s

I will soon give the links to the script as well as my beta-snapshot after I am done with some testing…

please note that Kali-Linux is a software as is, any abuse to public and gov't property Induced because of it, is a criminal activity, and may land you in jail. In any case I am not responsible for the corruption of data, damage to property, bricked devices or the advent of creation of a Thermonuclear war induced due to the usage of this software

with this much power comes great responsibility, so use it wisely, and don’t get a lawsuit and arrest warrant with your name…

so anyways…
Hasta lasagna, don’t get any on ya. :wink:


I have updated the conversion script,

install with:

git clone https://github.com/ZephyrLabs/PyTools/blob/master/Kali2ools.sh

you might get some Yes or no questions while converting, just select the recommended options, and enable all the services that might start…

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will this work with the vim4?

It might, however, you might also have to work on the kernel config for packet capturing.

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I haven’t tested it, but it should work.