Cannot boot into fastboot on VIM2 v1.2 using Fuchsia

I have been trying to install Kali Linux but have been unsuccessful because I cannot boot into fastboot, which as far as I know, is the only way to flash a new OS. After holding the left, third button like the instructions say to do, it goes to the Fuchsia logo and just does nothing. I’ve tried this with both a flash drive and a microSD card. I can boot into recovery mode just fine, however.

@Shidouuu which image are you using for Kali Linux ?

Sorry for not replying for such a long time, I wasn’t getting notifications. I think what I booted into was fastbooot, perhaps I mixed the terms up. I believe I’m trying to get into ‘upgrade’ mode, since I can’t find a way to upgrade through recovery/adb. According to this page you cannot upgrade using an image greater than 4 gb due to FAT32 restrictions, so that explains why installing from a mSD card doesn’t work. I’ve also tried installing nethunter, basically Kali for phones, which is under 4gb, but I got an error saying a check failed or something. Adb doesn’t work since my computer can’t detect it via adb devices.

I was trying to install the rpi4 img. Perhaps it’s supposed to only show the fushcia logo? I don’t know, the fushcia documentation is garbage.

I don’t understand how it would work, as there is no image built for the VIMs,
RPI4 image is for the RPi4 only

also fastboot is not the only flashing method, you can use amlogic’s burning tool, available from here:

if you are interested in the linux version of kali linux, you are most welcome to flash a suitable linux image on an SD card and use my kali install script to convert the image to a kali image

best of luck!

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Thanks, I’ll try that out tonight!