Armbian for Khadas EDGE (RK3399)


This bcmdhd.1.579.77.41.x wifi driver can’t help for AP6398S support for mainline last modified 20/08/2019?!lF12xQYS!u3ajDN2tPnYrCzs1i4qhliUKl3UQP4pPN0C300grb3g

@balbes150, @Frank
Can test if this AP6398S wifi driver works on mainline 5.3.0-rc4/5 kernel for Armbian/LibreELEC on Khadas Edge-V Pro?
Ampak made it work on kernel 5.0 before, and got it compiled successfully on kernel 5.3.0-rc5.

As far as possible, I will try to check this option.

The new version of the universal image Armbian 20191217 has support WiFi for EDGE on the kernel 5.5


Tried Armbian_19.11.3_Rk3399-tv_eoan_dev_5.5.0-rc1_desktop_20191217 on the Edge-V Pro(AP6398S) with M2X extension card mounted. SSD mounted to M2X. For DTB I used rk3399-khadas-edge-v.dtb
WiFi worked fine, same for sound via HDMI. SSD also working.
I have not had much time on it yet, but seems very nice so far.

Is it still advised to use the media script?

Just realized I had not connected the antenna to the Edge-V yet. Good thing the router was close. :grin:

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There is no script for kernel 5 yet, but there is an instruction (script) on the Armbain forum on how to enable Panfrost on RK3399 for General acceleration. Although for full-screen video up to 1080p is quite enough current capabilities of the system. rk3399 is a very good chip if with good cooling. Unlike Amlogic, RK development is much faster for the mainline kernel and support for Linux-based systems. Recently, I’ve been shifting the focus of development to the RK and AW platforms. Unlike AML, they seek to actively improve the performance of their hardware with the main kernel and Linux systems. AML does not care about Linux, they naively think that they can continue to do without its support. :slight_smile:


… or you may use my precompiled images, headers and kali-linu and extra stuff script))))


Hello, and welcome to the forum
I love your Kali conversion script :smiley:

there is also one such script made for the VIM3,

it is a much more dirtier conversion script, and you need to do some system configurations, but it does the majority of the work…

Hope to see more of your work!

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I think he writes about Edge

yes yes, but this is regarding the OS, not the specific hardware

I got it, you just wanted to brag, I didn’t get it right away :wink:

Hello, I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile: Of course you will see more additions, because this script was written in a day. Edge is my new toy, I often experiment with SoCs, they inspire me and I think they are the future in testing corporate and not quite corporate networks for strength :wink: I have already come a little way and practically rewrote Kali Linux from scratch using Live- Builder and its post-installation system, which is based on the reverse reverse of the encrypted archive, which people who buy it use as a key :))) it certainly sounds a little confusing, sorry for my English, because I am from a country where they only drink vodka with bears. usually they play the balalaika in the process … but I digress)) so, appreciate my modest work, if you find it interesting, you can follow the link After a short introduction (how do you? Be sure to translate, it is written as tebya sobaka, also translate the abbreviation of the domain where the entry will lead, this is all the juice))) you will be taken to a reference site, it’s like I wish you a guide on how to use it … Fuh :))) I hope you like it, thanks for the kind words))) if you want, I will give you a license for it until 2100 because I really respect people who can say hi! and even more respect for people who love small competitions :)) in general, thanks, friend :)))


I would like to discuss more about this with you,
it is better if we do it in a personal chat, as this topic was intended for Armbian, so we should not distub the flow of the original topic :slightly_smiling_face:

np :slight_smile:

you are not quite right my friend. I’ve tried armbian, which is in the title, and several other images. all of them, for one reason or another, cannot cope with the tasks set by the Kali concept itself. also in my script, which will continue to be, deliberately left small technical tricks so that people who do not understand what they are doing (and from not understanding their actions - the main problems in the naked world, right?) could not use this to the fullest … in dnryy, such a trick is dnscrypt-proxy2, which is a huge plus in terms of security, but it is also impossible to configure full-fledged traffic sniffing, dns request redirection with it … and other things, I think you understand what I mean))

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It is not bragging, it is just excitement to see when someone shares common interests with you, so you want to engage in a more fun conversation with them :smile:

Yes, I understand what you mean, Kali-linux is like a higher class of linux operating systems… :wink:

Would you be so kind as to create a separate topic for this, like “старичок форума” and add yourself to the repository contributors, then we can more productively deal with the implementation of the thoughts you just expressed?))

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Yes, I can make one :slightly_smiling_face:
(I will share the extra details with your separately…)

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awesome :)) thx a lot!

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