Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples


Currently, 800MHz, but we together with Rockchip still try to run 1024MHz.

Following is 24W USB-C PSU for the Edge:


Will 1024 MHz be the maximum frequency ?
How does it compare in speed to LPDDR3 @1866MHz ?
Will you have the 24W USB-C PSU with Euro plug available at the IndieGoGo launch ?



Yes, 1024MHz maximum for RK3399

Actually, it’s LPDDR3 at 1866Mbps not MHz.


That’s a new one to me. I don’t know what to do with that info. I’m going to look it up or ask around.


So how much Mbps (data rate speed) is 800 MHz and 1024 MHz LPDDR4 going to deliver on the Edge ?


For DDR clock:

  • 800MHz = 1600Mbps
  • 1024MHz = 2048Mpbs


That’s better.

I was asking because I need to setup a RAM disk to speed up comparison of gestures captured with a camera, to gestures saved as photos on the NVMe drive.

Will there be an Edge with RK3399 Pro for AI ?
I can start off the project with a regular RK3399 board soon, and then swap out the board for a board with RK3399 Pro and modify/rewrite the code.


I do not see a serial/debug console in the shop.
(But I see UART pins mentioned twice in the specs of the Edge.)

If a serial console will not be available from Khadas, will any serial/debug console do or is the Edge expecting a specific “USB<->Serial conversion chip” ?

Can you recommend a serial/debug console ?


How long will you support Edge ?
(How long will it be available for purchase?)


Hi Guys,

We’ve moved forward the launch day to 29 October, hopefully we won’t have to push it forward again. We’ve been advised by Indiegogo to continue collecting emails, and not to rush it.

Our pre-launch page on Indiegogo is live:

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Latest blog update for Indiegogo:


8+ Years.

We already finished 120 sets Edge and Edge-V but mass production still up to the result of the Indiegogo compaign.


This gives a blank page in the IndieGoGo iOS app. Works OK in Safari though.

Count me in on the IndieGoGo campaign. I just need to make my mind up between Edge and Edge-V.
8+ years is :sunglasses:.


Aside from android Debian and Ubuntu what other operation systems will be supported as the product page stated more, might we be getting windows support as well?


I was thinking about the edge-v as it would be an in-place replacment for my vim2 but seeing the expansion potential of the carrier board has me leaning towards the edge for me it ultimately comes down to price.


Will baylibre and other armbian community will ever write any system software for vim edge ???


Balbes150 recommend a LiebreELEC RK3399 developer to us, as VIM1 and VIM2, we will work together with the active devlopers for the Khadas Edge.

Good day!


Could you please answer these questions ?
This is a must have for me, because I need to make changes to u-boot.

Will this one be compatible ? :


I do not know the plans of others and am responsible only for myself. I plan to release everything I do and for EDGE. :slight_smile:


Video of the Edge docked with Captain Carrier Board, undergoing a 4K video aging test, and battery test!

It was actually recorded in 4K at 60FPS, however, iMovie reduced it to 1080P at 25FPS. I’ll see which software allows me to edit and compile in 4K. 60FPS is really butter-smooth, which is what we’re actually seeing on the screen…

Oh that Peking Duck.