Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples


Feel free to do some feedback and suggestion :slight_smile:


in a fortnight, Christmas, 15th of October.

may be more opening in the case, let the hot air circulate.

the fan was put the oposer of vim2 and why not have it done on vim2


we can install it on a vim2?


There is a high compoment on left on VIM2, that’s the reason the VIM2 fan on right side.

Nope, it’s for Edge, not Edge-V.


for edge v, like vim2?


Yes, exactly:

BTW, Khadas Team are woking on Edge-V V11 to use lower heigh component to make sure the cooling fan will on Left side :wink:


Highly on October 15th.

everything, remote control, power supply, vim2 case go on the edge v?

for the moment, waiting for the rest?


Yes, include the Tone Board.


Which operating systems will be available for the Edge boards on the day the Edge boards are actually shipped out to backers/buyers?


We already completed the development on Android 8.1, Ubuntu 18.04, and the active developers of the open source community will contribute more like LibreELEC, Debian etc.


Ubuntu and Oreo is :sunglasses:! Thanks!
Is GPU acceleration (desktop and browser, no gaming) also included ?


Yes, RK3399 SBCs already support the GPU acceleration on Linux quite well.


Rendering effort.


That looks pretty slick.
Looks like it should have some wings on it. :slight_smile:


Very Fast indeed, I like what i see



a good week to wait.

nothing new, everything is good no problem.

you send the emails when?


Factory visit! Mounting the SMTs for the rear-side of Edge v13.


Which emails? We’re attempting to keep everyone up-to-date, as much as possible.

In the meantime, we’re working on our Indiegogo launch page (that’s taking us some time).


What speed will the LPDDR4 run at?

Also, I decided to go with the following USB Type-C Power Delivery PSU/Charger. Is there anything in the specs that would not make it suitable for the Edge ?
EDIT: Previous link removed. It looks like Ewent doesn’t like deep links to their products. Just go to and search for EW3980 to find the PSU product page.

I cannot really find 18W and 36W versions, and this max 65W version is locally : € 45.23 + free shipping. Which is not too bad.

These are the PD Power Profiles :


More Videos if available of the Creation and Making:+1: