Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples


Was the test running on Android ?


Yes you are right, running Android, you can see from the last few seconds, the battery UI is clearly android :slight_smile:


ok. i would have been impressed if it was running in linux


What’s the new date ?

And could you answer my questions about the serial/debug console ?


Third time. no response. I’m out.
Already ordered my previous first choice (2 boards + accessories).


Hi Tigger:
Sorry for the late response, our guys were focus too much time on building the Indiegogo Page :wink: And we finally change the launch Date to next Monday(5th Nov), as it’s Halloween day these days.



3705 Cooling Fan Noise Measurement (4K)! Fan was running at middle-speed setting.


4K video of the Edge + Captain + 3705 Cooling Fan + Heatsink, running Ubuntu at 1080P and 4K, watching YouTube!


Nice work, looking good.


Looking forward, excellent


KHADAS EDGE IS FINALLY LAUNCHED :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Hello. it’s done pioneer khadas edge v + accessory, more than waiting for early January


Thank you Fred for your support! :smiley:


for history, I won 25% with the game give the right price. I canceled the first order to take the one with the 25%. by cons no accessories, radiator etc etc etc


Could you update the photo of Edge-V to V11?


We plan to SMT 60 PCS Edge-V11 next week, will update then.

Some changes on Edge-V V11:

  • Move the TP connector to the bottom side
  • Move the Gesture Sensor to the place between IR & GPIO
  • Change to Fan header to 4PIN to compatable with 3705 cooling fan.

Good day!


As our Edge Indiegogo Campaign is now live, we’re moving the topic here:

This topic will now be closed, thanks guys! :smiley: