Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples


Captain will be in a later update :slight_smile:


Good night, You jun! :wink:


No M.2 NVMe drive and onboard SD card yet. :sob:


Actually, HAVE, see:

The Edge-V designed with all RK3399 CPU IO except USIC.


I’m interested in Edge + Captain. I was under the impression that Edge V was strictly standalone. Which is not what I want. Because some other stuff on the Captain is also of interest to me.


But I just noticed this :


Which feature?

BTW, the Captain V11 prototype will be ready next week.


Yes, we change to mid-october, we will launch Edge-V and another interesting & cool stuff together :wink:

Yep, it’s quite soon now :blush:


One of them is Gesture recognition (through a camera).


I thought it was still happening today. Booooooo! :rofl:


Actually, Edge-V also feature with Gesture sensor, we do a comparison here:


One Edge + Captain for :
Gestures + audio, for sign language to spoken word. Which is a teatime project.
The other more serious project is navigation in a recipe app and IPTV app from our ISP used in our kitchen : SBC + 32” touch screen. The touch screen doesn’t play well when navigating with kitchen gloves on, or wet hands. And I didn’t even mention cleaning.

The other Edge + Captain will go into my test lab.



What accessories wil be avaliable on Launch Day?

  • Edge-IO (for Edge only)
  • IMX214 13M Pixel Camera module
  • USB-C Adapter
  • 5 inch 1920*1080 touch screen module

And we are still working on more like Edge Cooling fan and Edge Housing, draft as below:

BTW, we have another interesting & cooling device which will be available on the launch day :wink:

Good day!


Good news for LibreELEC users. In the near future will be sent a set of equipment Khadas EDGE to @Kwiboo (this is one of the developers Libreelec for platform Rockchip). :slight_smile:


Can’t find any information about Edge-IO :(, only Khadas Captain


Hello, An early Edge IO was shown in an article on CNX. How close it will be to the production version is not known to me.


Today on facebook was posted edge io, but on Launch Day i think Khadas Captain wil be more relevant


Edge IO design iterations!


A good improvement. Nice video.:+1: