Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples

@balbes150 @chewitt @narmstrong congratulations! Do PM us your shipping address and telephone number!

x3 Edge v12 samples are awaiting packaging, and shipping! :slight_smile:


What is the “worst” software ?
Give examples of the" best " software.

This is good advice for fools who want to be under the total control of a bunch of jerks.

When you see other companies, like Odroid, i won’t mention Raspberry and other boards, when you post a question, you get the answer very soon, and here you’re happy if you even get an answer.

I started a topic few times, hoping the question get answered, hoping that someone will checkout possible bug in Android, nothing was solved, i still sometimes have force closes of system ui and some apps in android.

100W power consumption is something mostly not needed for sbc, of course there are some extreme examples, but i do believe they are really rare, if i needed this i would buy something that’s plug and play, and that is x86, especially because i believe the price will be high, just as x86 mini pc’s are.

There are many rk3399 boards that came out in the last few months, and i do believe the cheapest has the chance to survive.

Most of the boards were updated to Ubuntu bionic, of course Vim isn’t one of them, they release updates 2-3 times a year, and if you look at Odroid C2, most of the video related stuff now works, and Khadas hasn’t yet tried to make it possible.

I know they are a small team, but that is the reason why you don’t release something you can’t cope with.

Many things were promised at the start, and now almost 2 years after Vim came out, we are at the beginning.

And everything achieved in that period, we can thank to you @balbes150, company that is involved in mainlining Amlogic kernel and few other people that are doing this for free, like you do.

You even made possible to use hw accelerated Kodi 17, they used your work and created emmc installable image, if it weren’t for you, we would never have something like this on Vim.

I know it’s not an easy task, better term is impossible, it’s Amlogic/Arm keeping their property closed source, almost every Arm computer suffers from the same diseases, i understand all of that, there aren’t many of them that run everything out of the box(if any), but you can’t promise something you can’t achieve.

They lied to us at the beginning, they advertised it as 4k Linux board, can’t remember all the lies i’ve read at the beginning.

No one will (be able to) tell you : IndieGoGo Guess the Price of Edge Basic and Edge Max

Hi guys,

As the Edge has the RK3399 CPU, heat dissipation is of greater concern. We are testing out new quieter fans, that will be engineered into a new casing for the Khadas Edge.

Our main goals for the new casing will be:

  1. Allow for laminar (smooth) air flow, and ensure that air noise is kept to a minimum.
  2. We will also be careful to engineer the casing such that it does not amplify the fan’s motor noise.
  3. In addition, we will be increasing the height of the heat sink fins.

Thanks for the video. This looks very promising. Will this mod push the IndieGoGo date forward?

We still plan to launch Indiegogo on time. Though personally I’m a little concerned about the public interest; so far we haven’t collected a lot of emails. Perhaps it could be:

  1. Product is too niche, not mass market
  2. Our campaigns are incorrectly targeted
  3. Our content marketing is not compelling enough

Anyway we will keep tweaking it. We hope we can reach enough people, so the manufacturing can be done at scale to save cost.

Likely the new case will be released later than the Edge, as we will need sometime for RnD. We can always ship out the Edge boards first. :slight_smile:

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i had a bad experience building kernel and custom android roms on a rockchip 3188 tablet back in the days, and i sweared i will never buy another rockchip again, so another rockchip based board from khadas leaves me very sceptical in term of ability to have hardware (gpu, vpu) drivers built into mainline kernels.

The situation with the RK has changed significantly. I have model TV box with RK3328. And I can say that all the major systems (Armbian and Libreelec) work well on it. I hope rk3399 the situation is not worse.


Yep, Rockchip did change their strategy on Open Source marketing, they have independent team for Open Source now.

here’s the official kernel support matrix from rockchip:

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Edge-V for cluster application: 96PCS Edge-V per unit :rofl:


96 pieces of EDGE ? Is this a cluster for making money ??? :slight_smile:

Not for mining application, yep, for business and :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Looks nice :slight_smile: how much?!

No price at the moment, just build for a testing currently :wink:

no vpu gpu suport in mainline, only in kernel 4.4 and probably not portable to mainline, this is what i call evil and i hate this; not beter than amlogic in fact

Latest blog update on the Edge, detailed retail pricing included. We’ve also decided to offer first-day backers 15% off the retail price. :slight_smile:


Looking good :heart_eyes: . No Captain aboard though. :sob: .

You don’t like the number 10 ? :partying_face: