Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples

Correct it would work with current mountings

I was thinking out loud and along the lines of how Computers have mount close to CPU for heat sinks etc.

Would have made a s neat CPU sandwich and casing could have gone around,

Would have been so cool could have used it for a fridge, well not really but would have been:sunglasses:


Almost thought you said that the M2 mounting holes could be used to mount a slab of alloy, that was itself also mounted to a refrigerator!

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Edge Cooling Fan 3D View:


I like that it has only one intake, I prefer that in these centrifugal fans.

That would offer more heatsink options. But I am thinking it is too late in the process to add the holes.

No way he would give up the beer’s space for that.:rofl:

I’m speculating, of course.:wink:


Our thoughts are the same. :slight_smile:

By the way, the existing radiator for VIM2 (if the mounting points coincide with the Board) is well suited for replacing the top cover of the case. And it will act as both the cover of the body and to remove heat from the processor.


One top and Bottom, thermal pad Excellent, seems to easy now especially if they line up
Bottom one could just be a block, and fan on top or both if needed :+1:

This is very good news, that edge like vim form-factor with header!!! Because geekbox was very bad to use…

I like this idea too. The only downside could be that the unit cost will go up - more time will be spent on machining a larger block (volume) of aluminium.

A larger radiator would also make more space for a larger, slower and thus quieter fan. We can put this in our to do list for investigation. :smiley:

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have the vim 2 and loving it waiting for my heatsink and new case to come in the mail before getting back into it as it was getting pretty hot My two concerns with the edge v are #1 how will thermals be compared to the Vim2 and #2 will the M-register be more easily accessible than the Vim2? I freak every time i have to use it as it’s small and far too close to other solder points for someone lacking fine motor skills.

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Hi Anubis:
Yep, Edge is much higher performance than VIM2 which means that the Edge will have much more thermal also. Here are some efforts we did:

  • When we designed the PCB, we keep more copper to ensure better heat spreading from the CPU to other space of the board.
  • We are designing a specified cooling fan for Edge to balance both heat dissipation and lower noises

When we designed the Edge, our engineer @Terry came out the idea that use onboard MCU to manage the upgrade modes, and we already achieve that just press the Function button 3 times than Reset button, the Edge will boot into upgrade mode. We still keep the M-Register for some case the MCU firmware works fails.

Thanks for the feedback.

Good day!


More details available at Khadas Blog now:


Thermal pads are a problem.They’re way too inefficient and prevent the heat being spread from SoC into heatsink:

They can be, agree
Although if there is nothing, it can help
Due to the underside and Many uneven components not a perfect solution.

They Need to done tight Spring loaded things like in the link Not much good
I did this small mod few year ago now on a mecool box running Hi 90c with benchmarks

As the Base was metal a small bit of Pad in place dropped them testings temps 15~20c

If you design ‘something new’ why not doing it appropriately then? It’s known that the thermal conductivity of thermal pads while being ‘better than nothing’ is otherwise crap compared to direct contact with a thin film of thermal compound (I think it’s better than a copper shim in between?)

But it seems Khadas guys are fascinated by annoying fans and stuff like that so a great and efficient heatsink allowing for a passive cooling setup is most probably nothing they want to provide.

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Will have to wait and see how it all pans out I guess, and if needed be creative.
That’s what its all about I feel,

On which numbers is this claim based? If I look at some performance metrics then RK3399 is slightly faster than S912 (see NanoPi M4 compared with last Vim2 number)

Or are you only talking about GPU?

At a comparable price (cost), passive option and active option, passive cooling system is not effective and will not be able to ensure guaranteed operation of the equipment under all prescribed operating conditions. The passive system can be used as an auxiliary, under light operating conditions or under medium loads and favorable operating conditions (open space with guaranteed ambient temperature).

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I know this task here is called ‘rejecting reality’ but anyway:

The current heatsink is a fail for passive operation since heatsink fins too small and the area where half of the SoC is underneath with no heatsink fins at all (since there must be something that wastes energy for nothing and starts to make annoying noise after some time called ‘a fan’). Designing the heatsink to be used with an inefficient thermal pad of course makes things even worse. So yes, you’re absolutely right: in the Khadas world passive cooling is impossible.

Anyway: Many many RK3399 boards with apppropriate heat dissipation exist at a competitive price. The only interesting Khadas RK3399 option for end users so far is the Edge-V and no price is disclosed yet. Let’s stop here.