How to use USB GPS reciver on android M6?

My CarPC project on geekbox.
This is GPS/Glonass driver. You can built it yourself.


Just copy the library to /system/lib/hw/ folder add properties to build.prop and reboot device.

Kernel properties
build.prop example:

My system is Android 5.1.1 (Glonass work!)


Hi, Davemf:
Thanks to choose Khadas VIM.

Some infos you might need take a notice first:

  • Khadas VIM will not support Android L
  • We haven’t done any work about GPS on Khadas VIM yet, so it might take a risk

Well, can you provide following infos to us:

  • The GPS model you used?
  • What’s the problem you met when you build the GPS drivers on Android M?

Thanks and good luck!

I think if possible, you can paste the detailed building steps, and the log you got when running the drivers on your device, so some forks might help you.

I had never imagine an android device with usb gps
U-Blox7 confirmed
PS I love you !!!