App crashes continusely

Hello, I build my android with gapps reading this thread.

What is different is

  1. — SU
  2. ++ usb gps : How to use USB GPS reciver on android M6?
  3. device property file name is vim2.

I can build and update. But all Apps I have download is not working and crashes continusely.

I really want to fix this problem. Please share me information to fix this problem. Best regards.

Did you try to build Gapps and SU on Android Nougat? How did you do it ?
BTW, please describe your problem in detail. Thanks.

Yes. I build Gaaps without SU on Nougat.
Here is diff.

diff --git a/kvim2/ b/kvim2/
index 006d1c9..4b50088 100644
--- a/kvim2/
+++ b/kvim2/
@@ -58,3 +58,9 @@ $(call inherit-product, frameworks/native/build/tablet-10in-xhdpi-2048-dalvik-he
 # set default USB configuration
+ \
+ \
diff --git a/kvim2/ b/kvim2/
index fd1d40a..f3ba7a4 100644
--- a/kvim2/
+++ b/kvim2/
@@ -336,3 +336,4 @@ PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \
     delta_generator \

build with lunch kvim2-userdebug-64.

I can use Play store app but All apps I have downloaded stopped when launched.
It looks like app architecture of downloaded app is different from aarch64.

How do you download Gapps? You can according to the steps below to do it

  • Download the gapps file from github
$ cd <path-to-your-project>
$ cd vendor/amlogic
$ git clone -b Nougat
  • Enable GAPPS by edit ‘device/khadas/kvim2/’
  • Build your rom again
$ cd <path-to-your-project>
$ make  installclean
$ make  -jN otapackage
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I found that clone command on my history is not -b Nougat.(Master)

I checkout to origin/Nougat and build again now. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your answer. I build branch Nougat.But still app is crashes.

So, I will try ADB for check error.

And one mode question.
erase bootloader/switch status/enum device/enum error
when I check Erase Bootloader.

How can I fix this problems?

Best regards.

Did you can’t open Google play store? Can you describe it in detail?

Can you provide the bootloader information for me with TTL serial tool?

I can open play store and download applications. But they are crashes when I open it.(Soon)

Nothing displayed. just crash soon.

Ok. I will try it.