GPU and hardware video support


My first experience with Linux on the VIM is very disapointing. The lack of hardware support makes me wonder what is the point of having chosen such a nice chip if the driver support is non-existing.

Can someone help me understand how to get things in place :

  • GPU acceleration (LibMali ? Wayland ?)
  • enabling hardware video decoding in web browser (vaapi anyone ?)

Amlogic is known for managing upstream contributions to the kernel, I’m not sure I see any of it in the Debian build I made following the documentation.


^ kernel driver

^ mali blobs supporting Wayland, GBM, and I guess X stuff (never tried X myself tho)


Thanks for the pointers, they do provide some answers. I still don’t understand that Khadas can’t be bothered to make the changes themselves and/or document the process.

I find the linux build environment rather opaque, limited and lacking flexibility. I hope I can find the time to hack my way through this. I expected better support in the first place.


Hi, it wasn’t obvious from the comments, but do those github links mean that hardware acceleration is possible?

Like, would installing those libraries allow desktop environments to use the GPU?


I’ve never used a desktop environment, but should be possible.