Experience HDMI IN under Ubuntu 22.04

Hello Folks,

We are working on HDMI IN function under Ubuntu these days, and we have an initial version now, if you guys want to experience it now, you can follow the steps below.

Install Latest Ubuntu Server Image

If you are not using latest Ubuntu image vim4-ubuntu-22.04-server-linux-5.4-fenix-1.0.11-220620-emmc-develop, please use OOWOW to install it first.

Get & Install HDMI IN Demo

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libgrpc++1 libboost-system1.74.0
wget https://dl.khadas.com/.test/hdmiin-demo_0.1-202205_arm64.deb
sudo dpkg -i hdmiin-demo_0.1-202205_arm64.deb 

Connect your VIM4 HDMI Out to an HDMI Display

Connect your HDMI OUT cable to VIM4 HDMI IN port.


Execute the HDMI IN demo command below.

$ sudo hdmiin-demo

If everything is OK you will see the HDMI IN source on your display.

Known Issues

1、Sound from HDMI IN source not supported yet.

About the Source Code

We will release in the future when we make it more stable.


Tested and confirmed…Just played a quick Doom Eternal session on my Switch going through the VIM4, can’t really see any lag/quality issues, very nice!

I did try it with the Ubuntu Desktop install, and it didn’t work…I assume that is expected/anticipated at this point as it’s alpha/beta. I could install and run it, but when I turned the Switch on nothing happened…Although when I turned the switch the screen went blank (So I couldn’t see any of the desktop)…Weird, but again potentially expected at this point.

For desktop, you need to switch to framebuffer console Ctrl+Alt+F3 and try again.

I can confirm, it is working with the oowow installed image and with really good (~83-84ms)
latency. Will try with my image next. Thank you, appreciate the efforts!

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Have been testing the hdmiin-demo and it looks pretty good (smooth also at 2160p60 :slight_smile: )
Any plans on making a V4L2 driver for the HDMI in, to make it accessible from gstreamer etc…?

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I’m also very interested in a V4L2 driver for HDMI in so I can bring video into GStreamer. If not V4L2, what form will the driver be in?


Got 58ms latency 2160p60, including TV lag in game mode. Greate !
Can’t wait to play with the source code

Yep, source code for hdmirx driver + hdmiin-demo app would be nice as soon as possible.

OK, I think I’ve found the driver for hdmirx: linux/drivers/amlogic/media/vin/tvin/hdmirx at khadas-vim4-r-64bit · khadas/linux · GitHub
Some one correct me if I’m wrong.

Any schedule for releasing the source code for “hdmiin-demo” (stable)?
If not, is it possible to get the source code as is right now?

Hello @bkirks

I will publish the source code next week, will update here.


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:+1: sounds great, looking forward to get it.

Hello @bkirks

You can check the source code here:

Follow the README to build.

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Thanks a lot @numbqq

Hi @numbqq ,

We want to get the HDMI IN data and encode it into H.264 format and then send it out. We are trying to combine the above example with the H.264 encoder example to achieve this. Do you think it is doable?


has there been any update on this? is HDMI input detected in ubuntu now?

@numbqq how about the HDMI in sound capture , is it gonna be supported ?

@kin_0201 Any luck? I want to do something similar.

We intend to connect a camera to the HDMI input port of the VIM4 and encode it for stream via gstreamer. Is it possible to have the HDMI input exposed as a v4l2 video device? I see /dev/video70 and /dev/video71 but from v4l2-ctl —list-devices show they are not v4l2 video devices.

It is not supported for current driver.