VIM4 Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.4 V1.1-220721 First Release

Here we release the first version of Ubuntu 22.04 V1.1-220721 for VIM4.

Change logs:

  • U-Boot

    • Basic functions
  • Linux

    • Linux 5.4.125
    • Basic functions
  • Ubuntu

Known Issues:

  • No panel support (Single MIPI panel works on my side, but still work on HDMI + MIPI dual display)
  • No MIPI camera support
  • No HDMI hotplug
  • No audio of HDMI IN


  • TS050 MIPI screen + HDMI dual display
  • OS08A10 MIPI camera support
  • Fix HDMI hotplug issue
  • Fix HDMI IN audio issue


You can use OOWOW to install the images.

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image!

Have fun!


@numbqq can you clarify what these two things are ?

  • Wayland desktop with GPU accelerated

Mali driver or Panfrost


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It is Mali driver, no Panfrost support at this moment.

Is this a 64-bit release or 32-bit?

It is a 64 bit kernel and OS.

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@numbqq is there any roadmap for next image release with ts050 support atleast ? :smile:


Hello @Electr1

Yes, next month will release new image with TS050 support.

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Hello @Electr1

Update status about the support of MIPI LCD on VIM4, now support dual display (HDMI + TS050) on Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop image. :wink:

New image will release soon~


Awesome to see !!
Can’t wait for the release update :smiley:

Much appreciated to see the work.