Edge/VIM3 PD power supply and VIM1/2

Khadas Shop states Edge/VIM3 PD power supply is incompatible with VIM1/2.
I assume the PD supply would be fine for the VIM1/2 as a 5 volt, 3 amp supply. My assumption is based on, that without a pd compliant USB-C port, the PS will default to 5v/3A mode. Can someone confirm my assumption?
Thought it was better to check before I attempt it. :grin:

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Actually not!

The USB PD need CC chip/ to output the voltage as 5V, and cannot work on existing VIM1 & 2.

Raspberry Pi 4 with the simplest way to add the USB PD support without a CC chip:

PS: Pi 4 USB-C Issue

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation.
It is a good thing I asked before I tried it. :slight_smile:

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