DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

Thank you. Reinstalling android and then trying again it has worked

This is what I’m seeing now when i go to scan in DVB-S:

2018-05-06 10:23:19.767 subscription: 0141: “scan” subscribing to mux “11817V”, weight: 6, adapter: “Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0”, network: “Satelite M+”, service: “Raw PID Subscription”
2018-05-06 10:23:28.510 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - poll TIMEOUT
2018-05-06 10:23:29.013 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - retune nodata
2018-05-06 10:23:36.169 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - poll TIMEOUT
2018-05-06 10:23:37.064 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - retune nodata
2018-05-06 10:23:43.828 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - poll TIMEOUT
2018-05-06 10:23:44.114 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0 - retune nodata

Use Crazycat’s DVB-S drivers.

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Thank you mate 100% working now :slight_smile:

new update
CoreELEC 8.90.2 release
updated to LibreELEC/master (02/05/18)
added more dvb drivers for Amlogic devices
added open-source wetekdvb driver for WP2
Automatic updating of DTB’s
IR issues resolved
Reboot to internal power menu option fixed


Hi there. Can i have your contact please? Thank you.

Hi, since 7.0 Android TV support tuner. It possible to use VTVboard with Android TV API ?

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I think already have now:

@Gouwa I have tested this rom but the VTV board is not accessible whit ATV Live Channel only with VTVapp

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because is need to be one of the approved ATV devices to the ATV live channel to detect it…
The only way i can think is editing the live channel app… but dont ask me how to do it!

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I have made some researches about implementation of tuner in live channel and this is my conclusion.
They are two possibilities :
1 implement driver in the OS and develop the abstraction layer.
2 implement the TIF framework by adding à tv input service for talk with the tuner by embedding driver and add a tv input source to scan et set the channel for live channel app.
But we need source code to implement.

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The driver for the tuner is closed source and only available for resellers. It is provided as an APK which makes its very difficult to extract the driver part from the end use software. You will never see the source code for this APK. Within Android you can forget getting this working since you would have to port the Linux abstraction layer into Android as a first step.

There is an Open Source driver available within the Coreelec (branch of LIbreelec) distribution which maybe a good starting point since it should conform to the LinuxTV standards and abstraction layer.

its very unlikely that anyone will put in the considerable effort needed for such a small user base, especially when arguably Coreelec offers a better alternative and already works.


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CoreElec 8.90.2 works great, but i´ve still a problem with the fan: In android the fan works fine,
but in CoreElec there´s no function. No fan-settings in CoreElec, perhaps no driver?
What can i do?

Attach the fan to the IO header. If its a 5V fan attach it to the 3V header. If its a 12V fan attach it to the 5V.
CE support for this feature may never arrive.


Hello, I am not up on Coreelec, but I am curious. Can scripts be run in CE? If so, is it possible that balbes150’s fan script could control the fan header?

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If its a Linux script then it should work. Place the call into autostart.sh

Did anyone have a problem with the loss of contact between the main VIM2 board and the VTV expansion board?
If so, how did you decide?
I initially had doubts about the reliability of spring-loaded contacts.
If a contact disappears, it turns off or reboots.
I’m afraid to get a brick if it disappears during the upgrade.

This board does not have support as a development board. no source code, no API things, no shared objects and nothing else. You just buy the hardware and can not work on the app level because the source code of VTV is not released!
Khadas is an open source project but DVB/DTV extension board breaks this rule


There is a published driver with CoreELEC.

Anyway… Do you recommend another board working with Vim2 and pure FLOSSH?


I installed the VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024 ROM.
I want to use it only with touchscreen. I can’t control the a VTV app with touch gestures (can’t change channels, can’t enter menu… etc.)

Do you have any solutions for my problem?
Is it possible to control the application, any other way than using a remote control or keyboard.

Thank You!