DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)


Found at Freaktab
VTV Extension DTV Board for $19.99
May Interest some that don’t have :slight_smile:



Very good to buy, we also took a spare for $ 14:slightly_smiling_face:


I believe there is a market for ATSC tuners and to develop the VIM2 with dual ATSC tuners into a project similar to the new Amazon Fire TV Recast. There are numerous ATSC demodulators and tuners to choose from - but it may be best to use a combination like the Hauppauge WinTv-dualHD as it has full linux support since 4.17.

Please consider developing for this as I believe either through LibreELEC or Android we can build a nice product.


Hi everyone.
There is a problem. I bought an active antenna T2. In the program turned on power on it. But, in fact, there is no power supply to the antenna. What could be the problem?
Sorry for my English, it’s just Google Translator…


KVIM2 with dual VTV boards.

Pinout for connecting second VTV board.

2x VTV is supported by the latest CE 8.99.2 in crazycat or latest dvb drivers addons with gxm_kvim2_2vtv.dtb.

Following picture shows simultanous reception two different transpoders, first by DVB-S #0 and second by DVB-S #1

Advantage of dual tuner:

  • possible recording while watching another channel;
  • fast channel zapping in TVH by predictive tuning;