DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

Found at Freaktab
VTV Extension DTV Board for $19.99
May Interest some that don’t have :slight_smile:


Very good to buy, we also took a spare for $ 14:slightly_smiling_face:

I believe there is a market for ATSC tuners and to develop the VIM2 with dual ATSC tuners into a project similar to the new Amazon Fire TV Recast. There are numerous ATSC demodulators and tuners to choose from - but it may be best to use a combination like the Hauppauge WinTv-dualHD as it has full linux support since 4.17.

Please consider developing for this as I believe either through LibreELEC or Android we can build a nice product.

Hi everyone.
There is a problem. I bought an active antenna T2. In the program turned on power on it. But, in fact, there is no power supply to the antenna. What could be the problem?
Sorry for my English, it’s just Google Translator…

KVIM2 with dual VTV boards.

Pinout for connecting second VTV board.

2x VTV is supported by the latest CE 9.0 in crazycat or latest dvb drivers addons with gxm_kvim2_2vtv.dtb.

Following picture shows simultanous reception two different transpoders, first by DVB-S #0 and second by DVB-S #1

Advantage of dual tuner:

  • possible recording while watching another channel;
  • fast channel zapping in TVH by predictive tuning;

I want to use vtv board with k1 pro ( k1 tuner is broken). and replace vtv tuner. S905d pin to pin compatible s912. K1 uses paralel ts interface vim2 uses serial ts interface. I think that I can find to k1pro tuner socket pinout. After add vtv tuner on my k1 pro. ask to afl1 that is possible some kernel (dts) modification for K1 pro works with vtv tuner?

I identified pinout for tuner part of k2pro. can we use vtv tuner

A functional version of Enigma2 from Vitaliy has appeared and is compatible with KIII PRO that has the same tuner and processor just as it is connected not serial.
This software boots perfectly, tuner is recognized, scans channels but does not demodulate the serial tuner. Nothing can be done to be compatible with the VIM2 serial tuner

Thanks to anyone who can help.

This is the image: vitaliy_s enigma2


I checked and at enigma2 vitmod I think you need to update the driver. Please update amlogic modules aml_dvb and aml_dmx to accept serial data from demodulator
Thank you.


@Frank.DTV, @Gouwa, @tsangyoujun
I have a question!
Khadas is working on some DVB-S2X MultiStream Tuner VTV.
Or on some VTV Tuner: ISDB-T + DVB-S2X.
Or on some VTV Tuner: ISDB-T + DVB-S2.
Thank you.

Vtv board dont support dvbs-2x and multistream like mecool kx tuner. should be new vtv 2.0 tuner FBC, multistream and dvbs2x.

Well, @takitr we already know that!
The question here and if there is any new project on the way!

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We should replace dvbs2x tuner like dreambox and others but there no open souce dvb-s2x tuner and demod driver

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May be khadas relese new vtv board and we can buy to use vim2, meccol Kx series and n2

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I tried coreelec 9.03 on VIM2 with VTV board but in tvheadend i see always
019-09-05 07:11:49.003 mpegts: 11362H in Astra 19.2 - tuning on Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0
2019-09-05 07:11:49.006 diseqc: failed to set voltage (e=Remote I/O error)
for dvb-s and for dvb-t
2019-09-05 07:08:16.180 linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-T #0 - FE_READ_STATUS error Remote I/O error
no channel found, rcu no work, only keyboard, so vim2 goes back to the garbage :slight_smile:

I didn’t manage to get CoreELEC working with VIM2 MAX + VTV board - it didn’t find any DVB-C channels nor free nor scrambled :frowning:

Is there anywhere a walkthrough how to get it working and perhaps a guide how to add smart card reader how to unscramble encoded channels?

It does not work with the new CoreELEC versions, they have focused on VIM3 and ODROID-N2.

I’m running CoreELEC with my VIM2 and vtv. Using precisely dvb-c. It works using the default drivers module.

That’s simply not true.

I changed the version and now it runs.