DVB/DTV Extension Board for Vim2 3gb 64gb

Dear @Terry

i just received my DVB/DTV Extension Board for my VIM2 3Gb and 64gb

but i seem to have problem connecting those 2 board together i have the feeling i am missing something in order to click them together

been talking to joseph and he advised me to talk to you

also inform me which software to install and how

thanks for your help in advance

by the way i purchase also some heatsinks copper and still the box is heating getting very warm

You can refer to this picture first. @Frank.DTV will take a video about how to connect VIM2 with DVB board in few days.

There are 4 screws should be received together with your VTV board, please check

I’m think this is extensions poles for case… Hm… If I screw like on photo, I can’t use case.

Have a look here

may give you an idea

I want make same construction. There are no small bolts in the kit

i have same feelings as Shiva that the poles are not enough. If You want to use it with the case You need screws with triangle heads (visible at Vim 2 quick look at the MAX version and VTV installed).
Unfortunately these are not bundled, and the size is not standard, so picking these may be a problem.

Is there any way to get some of these somehow?

Today I packed this sandwich, as I wanted. It took 4 M2 bolts and a bit of glue for the broken frame at the time of assembly :slight_smile:


yes, it is difficult to install VTV with the VIM2 case, please refer to VTV installation video


It is not difficult. I just do not know where from get the proper screws… Please see the attached picture with red arrows pointing to what I’m talking about.

can you try by this way? and you don’t need more screws.



(I don’t have acrylic case beside me now, but it should be also supportted with the acrylic case)