DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

Hi, Friends!

It’s my pleasure to let you know that DVB extension board for VIM2 will be available soon.
and it will working on the Android system.

Below are photos of VTV board. …

Installation instructions:

More details & Purchasing at Link



great! would it be also able to do diversity in t2 (for mobile usage) ?

dear ravelo,
it’s normally design for in hourse using, for mobile using need make testing.
please see the DVB T2 spec below:

i know the norm was mainly for home,
dual tuner and dual antenna chipset do exist, and when driven by the appropriate software, the solution should work while in motion; pip is then also possible while not moving; my interest would be more dual t2+s/s2 only (t1 is closing in my country)

Our first board will support only sinlge tuner mode.
We will consider to make dual tuner in future, can you give me more information about dual tuner for motion which may be useful to us. tks a lot.

example : http://www.dasdvbt.com/prodotti.php

Hi, Frank:
I think a photo about your prototype equals thousands words :slight_smile:

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I am interesting in dvb-s2 extension board but only if supported by mainline Linux kernel (at least to have VDR Server / minisatip server)

And what about VIM PRO?

dear vrabac,
currently we have only Android version.

dear olymp,
only VIM2 can support DVB, VIM (S905X) can not support DVB due to the hardware limited.

dear Gouwa
thanks for your suggesttion, I will udpate project status here in time.

We will provide the mainline linux support, but not sure whether the vTV board will need special driver or not.

hi, for currenttly, we have only android version and focus on it.

please tell what is the tuner chipset;
is your product already availlable for other android devices and presented as a dongle connected to micro-usb socket ?

Awesome, it even got S/PDIF :grinning:

yes, correct :slight_smile:

demod : AVL6862
tuner : R848

yes, available on OTT+DVB SetTopBox but not dongle.

905d does support dtv if i am not mistaken.