Driver or FW need to be fix

I don’t remember but you support to config when you finish install. You can Reset All under interface then config rows and column and colors. Maybe in Advanced as well.

For bit perfect and DSD config, check the link below


nice i am upsampling now using asio

thanks to @Alashikita
i have played with foobar now i reached
786Khz with my dac using upscale foobar


Sounds wonderful :headphones:
but I felt a little pop and crackle at the beginning…

yes its part of the music!!! i got you !!! mwahaha


phew, I thought my audio was popping or something :joy:

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You wanted to say 768 khz :wink::yum:


I don’t have DSD256 but DSD64 works great with WASAPI. The DSD driver doesn’t work.

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Hi, when do you plan to release new drivers and FW for Tone 1? I have cracks and pops driving me mad.

please note:
If the pops and cracks are coming during the powering on/off of the board, it may not be related to the driver…

Cracks and pops come during normal playback :frowning: But that doesn’t happen when I play something booted in linux on that same machine.

Yes, will be ready in the next 2 or 3 weeks.


Hello, I have had KTB 1 for a short time and I am very happy with the sound quality, I would like to ask a question, there are many of us who are looking forward to having the new audio drivers and having the equipment always at the latest version, to compensate for its time, you could pay a small fee for this VIP service, I think it would be beneficial for both parties, it is just an idea without controversy.
Thank you

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yep, we already done that. The only reason why we still haven’t release the driver is because we tend to upgrade the Tone1 with new VID and PID, and for the users who already have Tone1(with XMOS VID) on hand need to upgrade with new firmware to match the new VID. It says for the users who already have Tone1 need do:

  • Install the Thesyscon Eval Driver with XMOS VID
  • Run the DFU Tool with XMOS VID to upgrade to new Tone1 image with Khadas VID
  • Uninstall the Theysycon Eval Driver
  • Install Khadas USB Driver with Khadas VID

Obsoletely, it’s not a good experience for our users, so we are also working on to discuss with Thesycon company, the USB XMOS driver provider for Windows 10, if it possible for us to keep two VID so both existing and new Tone1 users can share use the Khadas Driver without additon operations.

Will update with more details soon.

Stay safe & good day!


Thank you very much for your reply.

Any news about new drivers? Thank you.


We’ve completed the development of both new firmware(with Khadas VID) and USB driver and our guys are run the testing precess before final release.

Will close in this or next week.

Just a note that we will only release new driver with Khadas VID for Tone1 due to the VID we used is a common evaluation VID, more details from Thesycon below:


So what will be the update process for us with Tone1 first generation?

I think it was an announcement, stay tuned!
good luck to you!


hi any news i need the drivers please
the evaluation driver has ended!