Case for the VIM3 and M2X

Yeah, didn’t finish that yet, other than that? Its pretty much just a rounded box with cut outs,
@AlexBudd Can you can tell me what kind of cutouts on the top you want ? honeycomb, circles, slots?

I dont have a real preference. As I said something similar to the DIY case would be good but if it functions I’m happy. GPIO access might be a requirement for other users.

Ok I will keep it simple on the bottom with slots, and a nice honeycomb on top,

I will prepare two different Lids, with and without GPIO cutout

you can simulate a few, and the person chooses

Yes, very well, will get you some screen shots of that.

Ok here Is a model with Hexagon top,

Circular top,

Circular top with offsets,

Slotted one,


@AlexBudd Please select one for now, I will export the file to you with Screw slots, It is quite late in the Night for me right now, so If you ask now I will prep one and give it to you, you can print it and tell me tomorrow morning, Good day !

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Sorry to be awkward but any chance of some smaller holes in the lid? This can be done tomorrow I’m not in a rush right now

Ok, no problem, which one do you like though ? please tell me I can Export some models with smaller hole, please not the Holes are actually not that big, The Hexagon one can barely fit a hexagonal pencil in it and the Circles are 10mm in diameter,
You can tell me and I will send it to you first thing in the Morning :slight_smile:

A lot of people have asked this, its not awkward :slight_smile: , But just note by scale the VIM is the size of a credit card and those holes are really miniscule in size

Any way here is the folder of all the .stl files for all the cases till now:


If you could do something 5mm hole size that would be ideal and the hexagon looks good. Could you incorporate some screw holes to mount the top and also the board itself in the case, some kind of small pillars?

5mm? that’s a really big screw bolt, I made it M2 size screw to fit in the holes, but it is your choice, if I made 5mm screw holes, then it would make some really big side bumpers, I will send some screenshots to you soon. If you like it I will export it :slightly_smiling_face:

@AlexBudd Here is the image of it with 5mm screw holes, If you are satisfied I will export it for you, Good day!

Please note, there is no need of internal screw mounts, as also there is no mounting points, except, the small notches placed on the perimeter of the Board, which I have placed, so the board does not bounce inside.


good work, I think many will like it, but I think for m2x it should be a little longer, and most importantly how everything will sit inside

By the way, looks like a “soap box”

lol, I reckoned that before :laughing:

That’s a good question, it is actually fits like a snug bug in the Rug :blush:, There is plenty of space below the board, and it is held in place by small side posts,

there is space for the Modem, SSD and a small heat pad if you need one for the SSD, so I kept Everything in mind while designing :wink:

Sorry I meant 5mm for the holes on the top of the lid. Regarding the screw holes something like M2 will work fine for this. Sorry for the confusion. Starting to look very good though.
Only just been able to reply since I’m a new member of the forum.


Ok no problem, I just wanted you to show the size comparison, let me export the files,
@AlexBudd you want the Honeycomb top with the M2 screws right ?, anything else I shall modify it now :slight_smile:

Smaller honeycomb with 5mm holes if possible. And yeah M2 for the screws and the pillars not too big if possible.
I’ll get it printed over the weekend and show the results