Case for the VIM3 and M2X

@AlexBudd sorry to tell you on quick notice, just now when was cleaning up my 3D files I found out that I had not given a slot for inserting the SD card, my bad, but I fixed it up, I updated the files, and is there in the same folder I have shared,


It looks a bit odd, but once you remove the thing covering the HDMI it will look fine :slight_smile:
Same folder here: filename:Body(With SD card).stl

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Hey guys, just brainstormed this idea for a simple modular case with Inter-changeable side plates and tops, here is just a few sample photos, as always work under progress, will be out with a proper release soon :wink:

place the plate in the circled slot and insert,

cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi, pay attention, the buttons are far from the edge, how to press them if the case is closed?

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Good, question, but that’s why I said its still work under progress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but actually that is not very far from the edge, probably 10mm at max,
but thank you for the suggestion, will fix it

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10 millimeters, it’s not so small for a small board


yes, its, teensy-weensy in comparison…

@Vladimir.v.v I modded it a bit, so it will have the buttons closer, the actual dimensions of the box was not modified, so there is some space for routing things like wires etc.

Now there is only 5mm of clearance to access the buttons :slight_smile:

ok, can i press them in the case, or do i have to disassemble it to press?

No No, I will put holes for pressing the buttons,

That would be a horrible design :sweat_smile:

Not for people who sell remotes. :grin:

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Why? to make big bucks? :rofl:

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system buttons on the board, soft buttons on the remote

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Yes, no remote can activate Upgrade mode or Reset the board from a far distance, if such remote existed, I am sure to stand first in line to get one :grin:

Me too lazy to get up and press the reset button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, was just clowning around. I have the Edge+Captain in the case, I have to remove the top section to get at the buttons… So remote on and off, however, updating requires a more intimate effort. :smile:


Oh dear, that doesn’t seem like a fun experience :confused:

Current status, Made cutouts for buttons, IO etc.

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finger should crawl through
:point_right: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

yea, fingers in, IR remotes out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Howdy guys, I have fully competed the VIMs modular case, A case which is super modular and each part can be easily customized as per your liking, It consists of,

  • Base and holding posts,
  • Side plates, and
  • a Top plate


I wish to use this as my standard of customization from now on, I will give various designs for each of the parts, and it is free to modify and customize and print as per your choice,

Will send the source files and examples later


Please note VIM is not included :sweat_smile:


the top panel should have gpio output :slightly_smiling_face: