Case design - Khadas VIM3/L modular magnetic click together case

Hey everyone

I’m new to Khadas (in fact I don’t even have a board) but I was inspired to make a case for the VIM3/L based on the 3D model that was put out. I made a similar one for the LattePanda Alpha. Magnets allow the case to clip together quickly. It also allows you to quickly connect to other parts like a screen case assembly, etc. You can see my screenshots and the similar LattePanda example below. Long story short… I can’t actually test my design, so I was going to put it out there to see if anyone would like to have a go. It does require some 6x3 mm disk magnets.



Hi, it looks interesting.
Is it purely for the PCBs or you also think about having a version with the TS050 touchscreen?
I possess VIM3 and there are certain problems with the original Khadas case.
One problem is that e.g. USB C cable does not fit well to the board, when it’s installed in the case. The USB C plug is too short. Then it would be good to make it compatible with the steel plate from Khadas better for passive cooling. The backside of the board gets really hot.

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Hi sorry for the delay! The website thought I was a BOT since I posted immediately after joining. My account got put on hold so I couldn’t post until my account was reviewed. Anyway, the best part about this design is it is flexible.

Here is my LattePanda alpha version. The case magnetically mounts to accessory cases. So really there is just the one base case and you remove a cover, install the case onto something else.


Maybe this video would better describe it. Basically I want to bring this to Khadas board


Wow, amazing!

Is is possible to optimize the design and fixed below issues:

  • Buttons not work
  • Wi-Fi Antennas cannot mount

Have fun!

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I can help you with the Vim3 dimensions if required.

How do you plan to get it ready ? I am interested in something like this for a 7inch screen provided by the Khadas official.

Also please advice what will be the chassis of the case? If you put it based on the ports then the whole weigh of the case will depend on the ports which is not a good idea.

Hi Spikerguy,

The case is supported by pcb holes. Basically the 3D printed part is a slot that is just larger than PCB thickness, allowing it to slide over the mounting holes. Yes, the case can accommodate a touchscreen attachment, so designing one for official touchscreen shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thats good to hear. We also have to check for this issues.

we also have to try and keep the case as slim as possible and accommodate the screen.
Good Luck.

Yes it is possible. What kind of WiFi antennas does Khadas use?

Can you confirm what the board thickness is at the mounting hole locations?

I’ll revise the model and post them here if anyone can print them. It does require some magnets and super glue to assemble. Then take the feedback and revise.

I am thinking about buying VIM3L when it releases.

I will also need dimensions of the 7” touchscreen to make a mounting case for it.


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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna.

Will share the thickness in sometime.

Thank you! What is the typical WiFi mount look like? I can’t imagine something that wouldn’t get in the way when you remove the bottom cover.

As an example, you can see how they are mounted in the Khadas DIY case here, and here.

Thank you, I see now they are panels. Do they have adhesive on the back, or is that why the case needs improvement?

There are small tags on case that will clip and hold them neatly and solid
You can just see it in image


One could probably uses double sided cellophane tape to stick them. Not sure if that would affect performance, I doubt it would.

One more issue that how to protect the cooling fan without small part falling down the the fin of the fan, you can check the NextC for reference:


I’ve updated 3D CAD Files for (most) of our products:

.step Files:

You can also find them linked within the Khadas Shop descriptions for each product.


Nice design, probably as Gouwa was saying have something on the top over the fan like a wire mesh, or an air filter like the 120mm fans in computer cases. It would not only help prevent bugs or loose articles from flying in but also keep dust out that would reduce airflow or short something.