Khadas VIM3 unboxing, assembly, and first impressions [Video]

Powerful “Desktop” Computer… Itty-Bitty Living Space

Remember when a desktop computer took up a large space under your desk? Now, you can get a reasonable user experience in something that fits in your pocket. This is not a Raspberry Pi 4. This is better! It’s the brand new, up-and-coming Khadas VIM3.


Nice video.
Regarding the placement of antenna, there are places in the case side and front that hold the antenna securely and out of the way. I tried to make pictures, but found it difficult to get a good shot of the two areas. The case section shown was cut for another project, disregard the cut for the purposes here. Blue lines point to the clips and tabs that retain the antenna.


Here you can see them in a snug Position


Thanks for the video!

As @RDFTKV @Robert mentioned, the right placement of antennas will ensure the best Wi-Fi performance.

One more is the top cover needs to be rotated 180 degrees and ensure the GPIO lid align in the 40-PIN GPIO :smile:

We might need a user manual inside the box @tsangyoujun.


Nice package… I need to be a reviewer :slight_smile:

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@BaldNerd I will include your review video in our newsletter. You have a very hypnotic radio-talkshow-voice, sat through all 31 minutes. :smile:

Quote: “Look at how fast this performs! Oh my gosh! What? This is bananas!”

Hi all,
Thanks so much for the kind words. You demonstrate that the Khadas community is filled with friendly people who are willing to share constructive tips for the better of users. I really dig the vibe I’m getting here, thank you.

@RDFTKV @Robert @Gouwa - thanks for the info about the antenna placement. I will amend this in a coming video.

@Gouwa - I purposefully placed the cover in the direction I did because I wanted to see your Khadas branding when the board is facing me (connectors out the front, not the back). It’s nice that it can be done either way; the user can choose based on the way they intend to mount it.

@Gouwa @tsangyoujun - A manual is never a bad idea. I think I did a swell job putting it together on the fly, but some users may indeed have issues. Especially considering there are a lot of excess screws. What’s with that, anyways? :smiley:

@eviltrooper - Believe me, my friend, it’s cheaper to just go out and buy a VIM3. :smiley:

@tsangyoujun - Thanks in advance for the newsletter inclusion! I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for the compliment as well. Glad you enjoyed the review. An edited copy is coming as well (without the news segment - just the Khadas stuff). I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

Thanks all. Keep the feedback coming. I’m really liking this board!