LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V

Great work, But have time to make a case for Vim3, Battery & Touch screen?

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Would it be possible to mount a Tone Board on the kit?

The Tone Board (VIMs Edition), is only compatible with:

  • VIM1 / 2 / 3 / 3L
  • Edge-V

All other SBCs have to be connected via USB cable.

  • Edge
  • Captain Carrier Board
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I’m releasing more .step files for the community to CAD their own cases. Maybe you can collaborate with @ProjectSBC, he loves making cases. :slight_smile:


Ordered. I know it will be a little wait, but looking forward to it.

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Yea if you already have the Edge + Captain + TS050, it is quite an enjoyable little PC. :smile:

I’ve updated the .step files for most of our products here:

I have the Edge and Captain. Even without the TS050, the case will provide the Edge+Captain some protection and the buttons will be convenient.
Though only connected to an external monitor, I have found the Edge+Captain to be an enjoyable PC. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just between you and me, I prefer it to the VIM3, as I am not a huge media consumer. That being said, video quality on the 3399 is outstanding.


I’ve uploaded a detailed assembly video for the Kap Case.

YouTube Video


Anxiously awaiting the Kap’s arrival. The case with all of the fasteners seemed like a bargain for the asking price.

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Excellent bit of KIT might add some springs to those Buttons for some force…


I actually have some lengths of spring, will check if they fit the M2 screws.

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These Look sweet (multi colour) :slight_smile:

Finding the correct length is akin to finding cinderella’s lost glass shoe. :smile:

Cutting does not help much, the sharp end either damages the plastic, or causes the spring to wobble.

It would be necessary to find the exact length - perhaps customised even.

Yes looks like its going to be bit of a WIP,
Small washer to sandwich spring, slightly longer screw
More fun things to fiddle with. :upside_down_face:


Maybe a wave type spring would be easier on the plastic, and wobble may not be an issue.


Wow looks swanky. :smile:

@RDFTKV you know a lot about mechanical parts, what did you do previously??

I don’t know as much as it may seem.:grin: I have an interest in mechanical things that goes back to my childhood. Whatever knowledge I have, came from fixing stuff, often out of necessity and a desire not to be dependent on others to do it.
Oddly enough, those wave springs popped up in banner ads on my phone, after the phone overheard me say something about springs, as in fresh water springs.:rofl:
Targeted ads don’t always hit their mark.

A.I Logic:

[ User likes fixing things ] + [ Mentioned Water Springs ] + [ Water = Wave ] + [ Springs = Mechanical Object ]

A little naive, but that’s to be expected for an intelligence that spends its entire day in a gray box. :smile:

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Kap Case running Linux! @numbqq will take some time out of his busy schedule to get the touchscreen and buttons working. As of this time, a keyboard and mouse is recommended.


Video of me booting Linux on the Kap Case, very raw, still some bugs. @numbqq will fix them.

My main beef with it, is that the display is a wee bit too small for the UI - unless it can be scaled, it is rather painful to look at. Other than the software niggles, the form factor is quite small and convenient.

Some may lament the lack of a keyboard, and the need to carry around a mini BT/USB keyboard.