Brand new fresh out of the box VIM2 dead

Just got the VIM2 from Amazon an hour ago, took my time cut the blue pads for the chip and sink screwed the fan to the sink, screwed the board to the case, screwed the lid on then plugged it in and nothing.

No lights, the fan isnt spinning its just completley dead.

I dont see anything wrong with the boards nothing looks or smells burnt

I pushed all the buttons and its still just dead

Question, this board powers from the USB-C plug like the Vim3L, Edge-V and VIM3 right?

I tried different power cables, and even a different power supply i have 3 Khadas power bricks as well as 3 power cables

What can i try? anyone got some ideas?

Hello, The VIM2 cannot use the Khadas 24w PD power supply, if you are using the Khadas 10w supply, it should work.

What if i already plugged the 24W into the VIM2, is it toast?

How else to power it? i dont see any other power port.

What about the pogo pads?, is the bottom one + and pad closer to board edge - negative?

I cannot answer that. Not sure what the 24w PS does when PD negotian fails, not sure what, if any voltage it puts out. In any event, input voltage should not exceed 5.2vdc.
See here for other power input options.
See VIM2 schematic for fuse, and also pogo pad assignment.

FYI I have inadvertently connected the 24w supply to the VIM1 for several seconds. I did not have a problem.

Why on earth would they change it?

It even fits in the DIY case, all the ports line up and everything.

Well it boots but it still seems to have issues, when i try and connect to the wifi it shuts off

Either my supply isnt enough or it still has an issue

I did find something on the board that looks blown

So the VIM2 is working using USB power but i only have a Roku 1A supply and a 1A firestick supply.

Can i use the Khadas 24watt threw the USB backwards? Male USB-C from 24 watt to male USB on VIM2?

Looks as if the little chip on the board behind the USB-C port looks blown or cracked like maybe it was a fuse or something, i didnt see any smoke if i did fry that port or hear anything.

Using the supplys i have dont seem to be supplying enough power i cant turn on wifi and running Anntutu locks up, trying to log on to wifi shuts the VIM2 down

5 volts with 2 amps or better recommended.
I would not attempt to use the 24w PS feeding USB-A ports.
Keep in mind, the VIM2 can consume up to 900mA through one of the USB ports(next to USB-C port), and only 500mA on the other(next to eth port). Both are fuse limited.
That part does look damaged. I will ID that part when I get to the VIM2.

What a drag i never even thought that the boards wouldnt be powered the same jeesh

Kresue cant help me in this situation lol

you need to supply a 5V 2A power supply, the multi-voltage power supply is not suitable for vim2!

VIM1&2 did not have the PD circuitry for PD chargers, that was an improvement that came later. But Khadas kept same form factor to stay true to the VIM line.
Regardless, always pays to read the specs on these types of things. An ounce of prevention can prevent a pound of cure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats what i get for going backwards, First got the VIM3, then the Edge-V then the VIM3L then i blew up a VIM2 what and idiot!

No body around here said anything either, been talking about getting a VIM2 for weeks and no one said a peep about it using a special supply, ive never even seen the 10W supply it wasnt till i searched “Khadas 10W supply” did i even see it

Well i guess that was a $100. lesson learned, lucky it still works but it will always be on my mind if it has issues that one little part is bad on the board.

Maybe this is a sign from the SBC gods i should not mess with the VIM2?

Hopefuly it just messed up the USB-C port becasue i never use it anyway even on my other Khadas units i dont use it for anything but power

you probably need to adhere to the specifications of a particular board. Can you clarify which power supply you are currently using?

@BowerR64 don’t take me wrong, why would we need to recommend the power supply for you, when you literally have a Family of SBC’s, I thought you might be well experienced with that kind of stuff,

Nevertheless, you really need to tell the engineers at khadas to take a look at it, @kenny might help you with this stuff here,

god bless nothing fatal happened mate :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, the power connection requirements are different, and this is all well indicated in the device specification, there is no error from Khadas!

yes, but any help is appreciated here, especially if it is hardware broken right now,

Take a look at the circled component, it has literally blown up, which is bad news…

Speaking for myself, I experienced my VIMs in chronological order, as they were released. I started with the 10w on VIM1 and VIM2. The 24w PS came later. The thought just did not enter my mind.
With TV boxes, you just plug in and go. The versatile and flexible nature of SBCs requires a little more exploration. While the Khadas VIM line are more turnkey than many, as an SBC, it is always a good idea to familiarize ones self with the specs and requirements.

Not an idiot, we are all guilty of a little oversight from time to time, humans are just funny that way. :grin:

The component on the board that looks damaged is L7, an inductor(a.k.a. coil, choke). While it could be replaced, L7 connects to other components, so damage could go deeper. If it was mine, I would try to replace it anyway, and hope for the best.

No! Don’t listen to those guys, their signs are often confusing and misleading. SBC gods are not to be trusted. :laughing:


By the way, I never took through intermediaries, I always try to take directly from Khadas


@RDFTKV good explanation, I believe that inductor has probably fused to create a short,
powering the board now is only going to cause more damage,

Trust me coming from Microcontrollers, I was not careful, probably more stupid than you, I tried powering the board from the GPIO, which I escaped by luck, but we just have to be more careful.

Can I get a insight as to which who those SBC gods are !? :sweat_smile:

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To be honest other than the VIM3 all of my things are non-khadas parts, I am sure my warranty has been voided a looong time ago :grin:

Possibly, but the SBC gods, like many, are ethereal, direct approach may fail. This excludes earthly SBC gods, like developers and engineers. :slightly_smiling_face: