I painted my VIM3L

You could try Rust-oleum, the stuff is super-extra durable, I put some on my bicycle because of a scuff mark, and it has been 5 years and the paint still looks good

I painted the case to my VIM2 also, did it the same way as the VIM3L but used yellow model paint on the top cover triangle section, then used silver for the pin cover.

Painted the top and bottom covers from the inside black again like before. I dont want to paint the center section i may not see the LED if i do.

Meet the family
Khadas SBComputers

Top left VIM2, Vim3L, Red is Edge-V and purple is VIM3


You have add colorful members to the DIY case family, Nice
That blue one looks enchanting,

the whole family is waiting for vim1

I hope that is not too far off…

I see how you love Khadas!

and really brings out the “DIY”, in “DIY case”

It’s a shame when “Amazon” fails its customers

Why?, what have they done?

did you forget buddy?

Get their tech support, I guess :sweat_smile:

I bought from them and I have no problems mate, shipping is cheaper from them so I had no other choice on a tight budget.

Sorry, I didn’t buy from them, I don’t know, is this an accident or a coincidence?

Probably coincidence, It only happens every now and then, they are rare cases of such problems

yesterday you and I witnessed two vim from “Amazon”

Yeah, extra rare case, but If you send it back for replacement, they will gladly do it for you, Happened to me one with other electronics

I agree with you, because often the users themselves can’t figure it out or can spoil

Yeah, need to be technically educated well, as to figure out by yourself, and make sure not too screw up much :grimacing:

Im having trouble finding the Yellow 10Watt power packs, anyone know where i can find those?

I found the 25 watt red, blue and grape but i cant find the yellow 10 watter, every where is sold out


@BowerR64 you seem to be a great artist ,creating customized DIY cases with a same color powerbrick combo, I thing you would have the skill to make your own Yellow powerbrick…

LOL, i must of used up all of the yellow sticker paper i had on some other project

You noticed that huh? :crazy_face: