Boot sequence between SD and eMMC - VIM2

Hello guys.

I installed on eMMC Android VIM2_Nougat_V190518 and also i made a booting card with VIM2_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-5.5-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231. Android it’s running ok, when i insert the card in VIM with Android on and press the powering button i get option Reboot to libreELEC instead Reboot to Ubuntu. I tried to chose this option but nothing happend. Then i boot from sd card by pressing power in function button and it worked. The problem is that i can’t get back to Android even after reboot. I need to flash again the eMMC with Android image.

Can be a fix for issue? Maybe a compatibility problem.


@gabrielr Just remote the SD Card . Then the board will boot into EMMC when you reboot .

Hi @Frank

Thanks for your quick reply.
I already did that but nothing happened. It’s like nothing’s there.
I also checked with Gparted the eMMC and that partition seems to not be allocated anymore.


Hello, It may be possible that you inadvertently erased the eMMC by pressing keys(buttons).
You will notice from here, that a certain key press combination erases the eMMC.
If so, just reflash the VIM2 using the method and image of your choice.
You may also want to look in to Krescue, a nice utility for the VIMs.

@gabrielr Could you check it again ?

  1. Reburn the emmc image into you board. Then reboot to check the work status .
  2. Plugin you SD Card . And use TST key mode to boot inro SD Card .
  3. Remote you SD Card (direct removal), and use reset key to reboot .
    I think you crased your EMMC . If you know krecure, you can also try this .

Hi @Frank,

Thanks for your suggestion. It worked.
I can switch from android to ubuntu using
After boot in ubuntu even i will restart it’s always booting from sd card, but if i start ubuntu, then remove the sd card with system started then hit reset button will boot in Android.

For me is not like this should work, but at least it’s a nice workaround.

Do you know what could be the cause to not start automatically boot directly in Android on restart?


@gabrielr Which firmware you use with EMMC ? Android ? If my understanding is right . If your board boot form SD Card , then it always boot into SD Card when you reboot . Beacase at startup time , it will check whether there is system on SD card and U-disk first , if not , it will boot into eMMC .