Unable to boot Ubuntu from external HDD

I did not see about hdd there, only these options , clone image to SD card or Thumbdrive (U-Disk)

If it is possible to use USB thumb, i thought that it is also possible to run the system from external harddrive. There is no reason why it wouldn`t work this way. When you use external SSD for example, which is connected via USB port, it is mostly the same device as the USB flashdisc. And HDd is different only in the way of storing data on it.

I just referred to the link, but you try different options to clarify the situation, if possible :slightly_smiling_face:

@hammet You external HDD port is SATA or USB ?

This is the USB HDD.

@hammet It should be work fine . Our board can boot from USB. Can you follow this pages to try again?

There is no difference between HDD with USB interface and U-Disk

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Do i have to find the appropriate .dtb file when trying to boot Ubuntu? And if yes, where are the .conf files i have to change? I was not able to find them. When i burn the image on my USB HDD there are two partitions - root and the boot one, so this procedure of burning has been successfull i gues. But those .conf files which are described in the tutorial are not present anywhere.

@hammet It’s the step2 in this pages .

You need to find it .

@hammet Maybe you’ve solved it? Or you need more help ?

As i have mentioned, i am not able to find configuration files which needs to be changed. DTB files are present on the boot partition of the HDD, but those .conf ones are somewhere else and i don`t know where. It is not described in the tutorial. Can you please describe it to me more detailed way. It would be quite useful for me, as the blind user.

@hammet OK,

  1. You can find this in page.
    If the image you choose is Khadas SD image, skip this step and goto Step 3.
    The ubuntu image is the offical imges,It mean that you should choose a mode to boot into SD Card.
    Via Keys mode (Side-Buttons) - the easiest and fastest way
  2. So I think use TST Mode is the best way to boot into SD Card.
  3. About what is TST Mode. You can find it in the link.

@hammet And If you want to boot into SD Card , do not use PC to power the board.

Are there inconsistencies with the NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and exFAT file systems?!
although when I write, I think the right file system is automatically selected.

But i would like to boot Ubuntu via USB, if possible. Is there any solution for this? In tutorial, you describe that it is necessary to edit .conf files with appropriate .dtb file name. But i am not able to find this .conf file, that is what i need to solve.

@hammet Boot via USB and boot via SD Card is same . It will check SD Card and USB port . As long as any device can start, it will start.

I am trying to setup a Khadas VIM3 to boot to either to Android from emmc or Ubuntu from the sd-card but at the moment I am I am really confused what are from the rights steps to get it booting the instead the ubuntu I have written to sd card.

Here are the things I have done

  1. I have standard Android version that came within the board on emmc
  2. I followed the guide in https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/BootFromExtMedia.html and downloaded the ubuntu VIM3_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231.7z and extracted it
  3. I wrote the VIM3_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231.img to sd card on /dev/sdc with command
    sudo dd if=VIM3_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231.img of=/dev/sdc bs=8M status=progress
  4. I connect the usb serial adapter to my pc
  5. I connect the usb power from wall plugin instead of from the pc as recommended by
  6. When powering up I try to hold the function button down, but when I release it, the system will always boot Android from the emmc

So here are my questions

  1. https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/BootFromExtMedia.html has link to
    https://docs.khadas.com/vim1/HowtoBootIntoUpgradeMode.html for getting device to multi-boot mode
    But then that link will just talk from the “update mode” So if I enter there by holding the power button while pressing the reset button and will run “run update” command, will the system try to boot from sd card or will it try to install the image from sd card to emmc?

  2. Do I need to download from somewhere a different u-boot version and flash that to my emmc’s android boot partition. If yes, can somebody point me to exact image and commands that I need to run…

Hello! here a person faced a similar problem, there are recommendations, maybe it will help, good luck!

Thanks, I managed to boot it actually to ubuntu now with following steps.

  1. hold on power button
  2. plugged the power to wall plugin
  3. pressed reset button shortly
  4. holded power button for about 10 seconds and released it

–> I got the ubuntu login to serial port

So docs in Keys Mode (U-Boot is Running) work for booting regular ubuntu iso from SD card. at

I was just little confused when that page mentioned the “run update” command in the end. But I think that is just needed if booting rescue image instead of regular ubuntu(or some other distro) one from the sd=card.

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And where is the ubuntu image burned? On SD card or on USB HDD / SSD? I tried to run it from Android using script.zip file, but without any success. I can try that method you have described, but i don`t know if it works with SD card Ubuntu or with the USB boot as well.

@vimuser The docs have some explain with it . If you don’t add a SD Card or U-disk and connect you board to PC via use-c port , you will boot into upgrade mode , then you can reburn the images with PC . If you pulgin a SD Card or U-disk and not connect you board to PC via usb-c port, you will boot into SD Card or U-disk