Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting after installing ubuntu in vim1

Hi everyone recently when i installed ubuntu in my vim 1 then everything done correctly, but when i boot to my android firmware then bluetooth keyboard not working. I tried all method with version but same problem. Also that keyboard is correctly working with laptop.

When you say “bluetooth keyboard not working”, do you mean that it is not discoverable under android > bluetooth?

Yes its problem is arising under android. Do u have any solution kindly tell me.

  1. Check if your keyboard is discoverable in android > bluetooth settings
  2. Check if the bluetooth antenna is connected securely to your VIM1.

If issue still persists, you could flash another ROM. There’s some issues with bluetooth (but they’ve been fixed), refer to: VIMs Ubuntu 18.04 V181030

Actually i have a only bluetooth keyboard for operate. So therefore my Bluetooth keyboard is not working using usb Bluetooth hub.

I have used your prefer version VIMs Ubuntu 18.04 V181030
But still same problem. Its look that there is hardware problem with board as like many khadas vim’s customer posts in the same direction. Feeling so bad from khadas quality of product.

Not quite sure what you mean by “usb bluetooth hub”.

Could you send photographs of your VIM, Bluetooth Keyboard?

It’s this one, correct? Connects via USB-A dongle:

If its dongle operated, then its either (a) driver issue, (b) your USB-port issue.

I’ll close this thread, as it is not a “bluetooth issue”.

THREAD CLOSED: Continue at USB port malfunction