Balanced output?



Would like to check if having a balanced output for dac is in part of the roadmap?


The next generation of products will have a balanced output.


can’t wait to see it happen.

What will be the timeline for this?


A new generation of products is being planned


Will there be any 8 channel ones in the new generation? it’s hard to find good quality linux-friendly multi channel outputs for active crossover use.


Great, I guess I should wait for the next generation. I do not need balanced output at the moment, but maybe you could improve the extendability as well…? (Hint: Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M)


:ok_hand: I bought 2 Tone boards because of the Audio Science Review. Don’t forget to send the balanced board when it’s available. I am waiting for balanced board too. Take time to design, we like the best quality for cheap …lol… :sunglasses:


Hi there,

Could we hack the board to add balanced Output ?
You wrote Q2 for Balanced version, and new generation, would you please elaborate ?
Could it be doabble to add Toslink input & digital input selector ?
My goal is to have multiple inputs : I2S, Coax & Toslink


Will the Tone Board 2 XLR be a galvanic separation of USB-C from the electronic circuit of the DAC converter?


For the new generation balanced tone board, can you consider providing connection pins to let users power the op amp output stage directly (skip internal dc-to-dc converter) and also add zero-ohm resistors from internal ±5.5V so they can be removed when using external power.


Any updates on the release date for this balanced product line?


Balanced output should be relatively easy to add - look at the schematic and read Bruno Putzeys’ ‘The G Word’ paper. You need a couple of 100R 0.5% resistors to go between ground and XLR pin 3. Ideally they should be matched to the parallel combination of R50 and R58 for right, an R43 and R57 for left, but that’s probably overkill.